The calendar view of course sessions in a course catalog


The LMS365 calendar view of the course catalog provides users with an overview of available sessions for instructor-led training in the course catalog. The calendar view might be helpful when users want to check the dates of active and past sessions of a certain course.

In this article, we go through the calendar view of the course catalog, how to enable it, how the filters work, and how to share the calendar view of a course catalog with an organization's shared Outlook calendar.


Enable the calendar view

Required role: catalog admin

To ensure your users can select the Calendar View option from the course catalog page, enable the Selector Switch toggle to On in web part settings. For information about how to manage web part settings, see this article.




Share a calendar view in a shared Outlook calendar 

Required role: catalog admin

LMS365 allows the automatic sharing of scheduled course sessions with an organization's shared Outlook calendar. In this way, course sessions in a course catalog can be viewed from this shared calendar directly in Outlook. By opening this shared calendar alongside their own, users can find sessions that take place at a convenient time, according to their schedule.

For more information about how to set up the calendar view sharing in the LMS36 Admin Center, see this article.




Overview of the calendar view 

With the calendar view, users get an overview of all instructor-led training in the current course catalog that has active and past sessions. To make the relationship between sessions in a course easy to identify in the calendar, sessions of the same course will be displayed in the same color.



The calendar view doesn't include:

  • Instructor-led training without sessions
  • E-learning courses
  • Training plans


To switch to the calendar view of the catalog, on the course catalog page, select the Calendar View icon,  which is next to the Card view and the List view. 

By default, the user will see all sessions (active and past) in the current week. The user can change to the month or day view selecting the relevant buttons.

Selecting today will show today's date.

Selecting an active session from the calendar will open the course details panel on the Sessions tab, which gives an overview of all available active sessions for this course. Selecting the Overview or Content tab will give details about the course that the session is part of. To enroll in this session, the user should select View to navigate to the course home page.




Selecting a past session will show only upcoming active sessions for the course on the course details panel, if there are any. If there are no more active session for this course, the user is informed. In such a case, the user may contact the course admin or go to the course home page by selecting View.




Users may apply filters on the left-hand side of the catalog page to find relevant instructor-led training and available sessions. More information about filtering is available in the following section.


Filter the calendar view 

Any filters implemented on the calendar view of the catalog are applied only to instructor-led training with active and past sessions. By applying filters, only the sessions of the courses that match the set filters will be displayed.

You can apply as many filters as you like to the calendar view. 

For more information about the Training Type, Course Session Dates, and Course Session Instructors filters, and how they are applied to the Calendar View of the course catalog, see the following sections.


Training Type

The Training Type filter doesn't affect the default calendar view. For information about this filter, see this article.

To find instructor-led training without sessions, relevant e-learning courses, or training plans, users should change to the List or Card view of the course catalog.


Course Session Dates

The Course Session Dates filter returns active and past course sessions within date filters applied, if a course contains at least one active session within the set period. If a course contains only past sessions within the set date range, sessions won't be displayed in the calendar after filtering.

To view past sessions of all courses in a course catalog, users should avoid applying the Course Session Dates filter and instead, navigate around the calendar using the left and right navigation arrows, or select the month, week, or day.


Course Session Instructors

The Course Session Instructors filter lists all the session instructors of past and active course sessions for all instructor-led training in the catalog. By default, the number in brackets means the number of courses (not sessions) for which this user is an instructor of one or more sessions. 

If there are more than five instructors, the list will have the Show more button, which is used to show all the session instructors in the catalog.

Selecting the checkbox of an instructor changes the number in brackets for instructors who aren't selected, showing the number of overlapping courses for which they are instructors.

Selecting a checkbox of a session instructor in the calendar view will display sessions for all the courses for which the selected user is an instructor of one or more sessions. The selected instructor might be an instructor for a past, current, or future session of a course, but not the session the user sees after filtering in the current view.

To check which session of the course the selected instructor is leading, the user should navigate to the course home page. To do this, they should select the session in the calendar view and then View from the opened Sessions tab of the course details panel. This will bring them to the course home page for the detailed view of the sessions.




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