Create a HAR file to help the Zensai Product Support team investigate an issue when using LMS365 (Learn365) within Microsoft Teams on desktop

An HTTP Archive (HAR) format file can log network requests and help to identify performance and page rendering issues. For the Zensai Product Support team to investigate an issue when using LMS365 (Learn365) with Microsoft Teams on desktop, we sometimes ask customers to send us a HAR file.

This article describes how to create an HAR file if you experience issues when using the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams.



We advise you to create a separate HAR file for each issue.


To create an HAR file, follow these steps:

1. In the system process tray, click the Microsoft Teams app several times and then right-click to open the extended menu. Select DevTools > Open Devtools (Select WebContents) > webview. The Developer Tools window opens.




2. On the Developer Tools window, select the Network tab

3. In the Network tab, select Clear (the crossed out circle) to clear any existing logs in the Network tab (if any).

4. Ensure the Preserve log checkbox is selected. 

5. Ensure the round Record option is red. If it's grey, select it once to start recording.




6. While the network requests are being recorded, reproduce the issue that you're experiencing.

7. Once you've reproduced the issue, select the Export HAR option (the downward facing arrow) and save the file to your computer.

8. Upload your HAR file to the ticket so that the Zensai Product Support team can analyze it.


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