Support of On-the-Job Training

Known as a highly efficient method of training and developing employees, On-the-Job Training (OJT) allows learners to acquire work-related skills in the context of the environment where they will be using the skill. For example, OJT enables hands-on training in using machinery, tools, and equipment.

We're excited to announce that from the August 2022 release of LMS365, we'll supports OJT by offering a new content type called Assessment. By adding an Assessment to a course, an evaluation of the learner's performance by an assigned supervisor will be part of the course.

The assessment can be based on anything relevant to completing the course. For example, learners can be asked to complete a manual task performed in the work location, such as handling machinery correctly, and this task will then be assessed by the supervisor. 

In this way, a task performed outside of the LMS365 system, even offline and on-site, can be part of a course in LMS365.



The Assessment content type is added to a course from the Content section of the Course create/edit panel.  

From here, the assessment is named and described to let the learner understand the details of the assessment, for example, the task or skill that will be assessed, or what the requirements are for a successful assessment.

Finally, a supervisor is assigned to assess learners of the course.



The learner will see the assessment and the description of it as a part of the course content.



Supervisors will receive an email notification when they are assigned as supervisors of an assessment.

From the Overview section of My Training Dashboard, they will be able to see the list of learners to assess.



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