Reading the LMS365 (Learn365) roadmap

We constantly develop LMS365 (Learn365) to provide our customers with the best learning management solution. This happens based on a thorough analysis and prioritization of what product changes to design, develop, and implement. 

When we have decided to implement a product improvement, we'll list it in our product roadmap. 

To enable you to get insight into high-level priorities and upcoming updates, we've made our roadmap public on our website. Here, you can follow specific product improvements as they go through the three stages of of LaterNext, and finally, Now.




This article describes what it means when a product change is in the stage of, respectively, Later, Next, and Now, and what you can expect from items you see on the roadmap.


In this article:


The stage of Later

When a product change is listed in the Later column in our public roadmap, it's an improvement that we have identified as relevant.

However, the improvement hasn't yet been fully scoped and it isn't being actively worked on by the product management or engineering teams.


The stage of Next

When the product change moves on to the Next column of the roadmap, the product management team has begun to analyze and scope the improvement. 

We'll likely start developing improvements listed in the Next column as items in the Now column are delivered.


The stage of Now

The Now column is the final destination for product improvements before they manifest in the product.

Improvements listed in the Now column are being worked on by the engineering team and they will likely make it into the next release of LMS365 (Learn365).

Just after a release, items will often disappear from this column, because they have been completed and are now part of the product. However, sometimes we work to launch larger improvements and the work with these can span several releases. 


Can an improvement move backward on the roadmap? 

In some cases, an improvement item on the roadmap can move backward.

However, it's a rare coincidence. Typically, it'll be caused by changes in technologies outside of LMS365 (Learn365) that mean we'll need to reconsider the strategy for the product change, or even pause the development of the improvement. 


Can we implement improvements that haven't been listed on the roadmap?

We try to keep the LMS365 (Learn365) roadmap as transparent as possible. However, it can happen that a product improvement will be implemented without having being listed in the roadmap first.

This can be the case if the improvement isn't a complicated matter for the engineering team to implement and doesn't interfere with our other roadmap priorities.


Is the roadmap a promise of future product deliveries?

The world is constantly evolving and circumstances can change. Neither information nor order presented in the LMS365 (Learn365) roadmap is a commitment, promise, or legal obligation.

While we do our uttermost to stick to the plan we have laid forward in our roadmap, this means that the details and timing of anything described in the roadmap remain at Zensai’s sole discretion to change.

Also, while the Later, Next, and Now columns indicate how far in the process we are with a product improvement, we can't make promises on the timeline for the delivery of specific improvements.


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