Assessment notifications

The Assessment Reviewed notification template is the only notification template related to assessments.


Assessment Reviewed


This notification informs users that the status of their assessment has been changed.


What triggers the notification?

The Assessment Reviewed notification is triggered when the supervisor has approved the user's assessment.

Default Recipients in the To and Cc fields



Delivery Type



Relates to



Default settings

The default settings of the Assessment Reviewed notification provides the following information:

  • To. The user this notification is sent to.
  • Course name. The title of the course (which will link to the course home page) the assessment is associated with.
  • Assessment name. The title of the assessment.
  • Status. Passed.
  • Reviewed by. This field displays the name of the person who approved the assessment. 
  • Reviewed on. The exact date and time the person approved the assessment.
  • Supervisor's feedback. The feedback that the supervisor provided for the user (if any is provided).




Edit the notification template

Catalog admins can edit the template and change the default values.

Editing the template will make it customized and there are consequences of doing this.

To edit the Assessment Reviewed notification template, select it and on the Actions panel, select Edit Template. On the Edit Template page, make your changes to the following fields:

  • To. The user by default. This field is required.
  • Cc. Empty by default.
  • Subject. Default text with the assessment title variable is provided. This field is required.
  • Message. Default text with the title of the course and assessment in question, and the supervisor's feedback. This field is required.
  • Variables. This notification template has no variables currently available.




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