How to authorize with an API key in the LMS365 API and Postman


Before users can start using LMS365 API, they need to authorize with a relevant API key. This article provides guideline on where to get the API key and how to authorize with it in the LMS365 API and in Postman.


Get LMS365 API key for authorization

Required role: LMS admins or Microsoft 365 global admins.

LMS365 enables global admins to generate multiple LMS365 API keys with permissions level of two types - Read Only or Full Control. The key with the Full Control type can be used for authorization allowing to use LMS365 APIs.  

To get the API key with the relevant permissions level:

1. Navigate to the LMS365 Admin Center > Global Settings API Key Management.

2. Select the API key and copy it with the help of the Copy API Key option.

Now the API key can be used for authorization.




Authorize the LMS365 API

After you get the relevant API key, you can authorize in the LMS365 API with this key.

1. Navigate to and scroll down to the LMS365 Cloud API.

2. Select the green Authorize button. The authorization panel opens. 




3. On the authorization panel, under Basic authorization:

  • In the Username field, type api.
  • In the Password field paste the copied API key.


4. Select 'Authorize'. Now you can use the LMS365 API.


To log out select the green 'Authorize' button and click 'Logout'.




Authorize in Postman

To authorize in Postman:

1. Navigate to the "Authorization" tab.

2. From the Type drop-down menu, select the Basic Auth type.



3. Fill in the Username and Password fields:

  • In the Username field, type api.
  • In the Password field, paste the copied API key.

The authorization data is automatically included in request and used each time you send a request.


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