Scope of Freemium features and how to upgrade to a paid license

LMS365 Freemium is a free subscription type of LMS365 that allows you to employ LMS365 for up to 500 monthly enrollments.

In this article, we will describe the scope of the Freemium features, the restrictions of the Freemium license, where to find more information about Freemium, and how to upgrade from Freemium to a paid license. We will also provide information on what will happen to the resources you have created in Freemium when you upgrade.


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What is the Scope of the Freemium features?

LMS365 offers a range of subscription plans to suit your needs. Many of the features of the LMS365 paid licenses are available as part of LMS365 Freemium.

The following key features form part of Freemium:


Are there any restrictions when using LMS365 Freemium?

With the LMS365 Freemium license, you can:

  • create one course catalog
  • create eight training courses or plans
  • have up to 500 new enrollments per month.

API methods will adhere to the general Freemium limitations. For example, the Purge Course API end-point will not be available.


Where can I find more information about LMS365 Freemium?

Learn more about LMS365 Freemium.


How can I upgrade my Freemium subscription?

Benefit from the full range of LMS365 features by upgrading to one of our paid subscription plans.

To request an upgrade, go to LMS365 Admin Center > Global Settings, select Upgrade Plan, then complete the Request pricing form.

You can also complete the Pricing request form by going to Global Settings > License Information, then selecting Request pricing in the Corporate, Enterprise or Enterprise Xtra column. The required Subscription Plan is selected automatically.

One of our experts will contact you to discuss your request.



If I upgrade my subscription plan from Freemium, will I lose my training courses and plans?

No. All the training courses and plans you have created will still be available after the upgrade.

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