Troubleshooting issues with SCORM content packages

You may encounter a range of issues that prevent you from successfully uploading SCORM content packages and using their content in LMS365.

This article contains information on, and solutions for, the most frequently reported issues when employing SCORM content packages in LMS365.


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Issue with the SCORM content package file itself

In some cases, there may be an issue with the SCORM content package, preventing you from uploading it into LMS365 and using its content.

To learn how to check whether your content package is working correctly, please visit this article.


Issues with completing SCORM content packages

To resolve issues with completing SCORM content packages, in that learners can't proceed to the next stage of the course, please check the Content package settings of the content package in question (General settings and Advanced Settings). Additional information and steps are described here.


The SCORM is too large

LMS365 allows you to upload a content package with a file size up to 1GB. Ensure that the content package that you want to upload to LMS365 does not exceed 1GB.


'Invalid Package File' error is displayed

The .ZIP file must contain an imsmanifest.xml file to be recognized as a SCORM content package.

Your SCORM content package may be structured incorrectly. For example, the imsmanifest.xml file is not present at the root of the folder structure.

Therefore, we recommend that you check the structure of all SCORM content packages before trying to upload them.


Flash-based SCORM content packages aren't displayed in the LMS365 Mobile app

The LMS365 mobile app supports HTML5 content only. Flash-based content isn't supported. As a result, the Flash-based SCORM content packages can't be opened in the LMS365 mobile app.

To obtain a HTML5 edition of a SCORM content package, please contact your content provider.


"Please, select package name" error when uploading a new version of a content package

This error is displayed when you try to upload a new version of a content package and its file name differs from the original. To resolve this issue, please rename the .ZIP file you want to upload, so it matches the name of the original file.


"Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path" error when uploading a SCORM content package to LMS365

This error is displayed when the .ZIP file you are trying to upload contains another .ZIP file. To resolve this issue, unzip the .ZIP file within the main .ZIP file, or remove it, and try to upload the SCORM again.


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