The LMS365 release schedule

Approximately every sixth week, we release a new major version of the LMS365 product that will introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

These releases are automatically rolled out to the environments of our customers on a date that will be announced around three months in advance of the release

At the day of release, the new version of LMS365 will be rolled out across our regional data centers following the schedule below. No downtime is expected with these updates, but some performance degradation may occur during the deployment:

  • North Europe at 6AM CEST time
  • UK South at 6AM CEST Time
  • Germany West at 7AM CEST time
  • United States at 7AM CEST time
  • Central Canada at 8AM CEST time
  • Japan East at 2PM CEST time
  • Australia at 2PM CEST time

The LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams and Proxy will be updated on a custom schedule, typically before or after the release is rolled out to all regions.

When the roll-out is successfully completed across all regions, we will announce this in a banner message in the LMS365 Admin Center.


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