Course catalog notifications


There is only one notification template that is related to course catalogs—the Guest Invitation notification template.

LMS365 allows to add external users via the Users, in this way giving these users access to the whole course catalog in question.

This article describes the Guest Invitation notification template, what triggers this notification, how it's delivered, and the default notification template settings.


  • Invitation of guests requires prerequisites.
  • Internal users will not receive a Guest Invitation notification when they are added to a course catalog.


Guest Invitation


An invited external user will receive an email notification with the name of the administrator that has invited the guest user, the title (link) of the course catalog in question, and an Accept Invitation link.


What triggers the notification?

External guest users will receive the Guest Invitation notification when the course catalog admin or LMS admin use their email to invite them via the LMS365 Learner Administration > Users page.


Default Recipient(s) in the To and Cc fields

The external guest user.


Delivery Type

Email only.


An example of the Guest Invitation email notification.


Default settings

This notification template has the following default settings:


  • To - Learner (the guest user) per default. The field is required.
  • Cc - Empty per default.
  • Subject - Default text with a course catalog variable is provided. The field is required.
  • Message - Default text with the name of the administrator that has invited the guest user and course catalog hyperlink. Accept invitation link variables is provided. The field is required.
  • Variables - A list of variables are available for this notification template:
{CATALOG TITLE} : Course catalog title
{CATALOG TITLE HYPERLINK} : Course catalog title with link to the course catalog
{ACCEPT INVITATION HYPERLINK} : Accept invitation link
{INVITED BY} : Name of the administrator that has invited the guest user


Course catalog admins can edit the template and change the default values

Editing will make the template customized which has a set of consequences.


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