How to get notified of incidents in specific regions

In the LMS365 service health status page, you can always find an overview of the current and past health status and incidents in LMS365.

If you would like to be on top of this information and get an email notification whenever LMS365 creates, updates, or resolves an incident, you can subscribe to updates from the LMS365 service health status page. You may also limit the notifications to get informed on updates only in a specific region. In this case, you need to manage your subscription preferences from the LMS365 service health status page.


To subscribe to notifications from one or more specific regions, follow the steps:

1. From the LMS365 service health status page, select SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES. 

2. In the tab with the envelope icon, enter your email address and select SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL. A subscription confirmation email will be sent to you.

3. In the received subscription confirmation email, select Confirm subscription. You'll be directed to the LMS365 service health status page.

4. On the LMS365 service health status page, again select SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES, enter your email address, and select Subscribe. This will bring forward the Subscriber page with the Components list for you to choose which region(s) to receive updates for.

5. Select Save to save the selection.

As a result, you will start receiving updates for the selected regions.

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