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After the January 2022 LMS365 update, the LMS365 API has changed to include the URL in the main Course record. All PowerBI reports that were already using the course URL prior to the update will receive this error stating that the 'Url' field already exists:




Steps to Resolve this Error:


1. Open the report in the Power BI desktop version.


2. Select “Transform data” and “Transform data” from the ribbon




3. Select "Courses" and "Advanced Editor"


This is how it looks prior to the change:


4. Please edit this with the following changes:

      a. In Lines 4 and 5, please add the // to the beginning of the line

      b. In Line 5, change the word Renamed_SharepointWeb to Renamed_Title



Alternatively, here is the updated code with all of the changes to copy and paste:

APIUrlParamValue = #"API URL",
RawCourses = OData.Feed(APIUrlParamValue & "/Courses/?$expand=Categories($select=Name),CourseCatalog($select=Title),SharepointWeb($select=Url)&$select=Id,CourseCatalogId,Title,Description,CEU,CourseID,CourseType,CourseCatalog,Scorms,SharepointWeb,Categories, IsRequired"),
Renamed_Title = Table.RenameColumns(RawCourses,{{"Title", "Course"}}),
//Expanded_SharepointWeb = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(Renamed_Title, "SharepointWeb", {"Url"}, {"SharepointWeb.Url"}),
//Renamed_SharepointWeb = Table.RenameColumns(Expanded_SharepointWeb,{{"SharepointWeb.Url", "Url"}}),
Expanded_CourseCatalog = Table.ExpandRecordColumn(Renamed_Title, "CourseCatalog", {"Title"}, {"CourseCatalog.Title"}),
Renamed_Catalog = Table.RenameColumns(Expanded_CourseCatalog,{{"CourseCatalog.Title", "Catalog"}}),
Aggregated_Categories = Table.AggregateTableColumn(Renamed_Catalog, "Categories", {{"Name", List.Distinct, "Categories"}}),
Extracted_Values = Table.TransformColumns(Aggregated_Categories, {"Categories", each Text.Combine(List.Transform(_, Text.From), ", "), type text}),
#"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Extracted_Values,{{"CEU", Int64.Type}, {"IsRequired", type text}}),
#"Replaced Value" = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Changed Type","false","Eligible",Replacer.ReplaceText,{"IsRequired"}),
#"Replaced Value1" = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Replaced Value","true","Compulsory",Replacer.ReplaceText,{"IsRequired"})
#"Replaced Value1"

After these changes have been completed, save your report and refresh the data!



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