How is the language of notifications configured?

The language of course and training plan notifications depends on the Locale settings of the training.

The Locale settings determine the format of numbers, date, time, and the language courses and training plans uses in notifications, certificates, and reports. 

By default, courses and training plans inherit the Locale settings from the course catalog. However, you can configure the Locale settings for each course and training plan.

The Locale settings of courses and training plans are set and managed in the Settings section of the Course/Training Plan Create/Edit panel.


To change the language of notifications for a course or a training plan:

1. From the LMS365 Admin Center, open the course or training plan in edit mode and navigate to the Settings section > Regional Settings.

2. From the Locale drop-down menu, select the relevant locale for notifications of this particular training.

3. Select Save to apply the changes.



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