How to change the visibility of Learning modules via API

You can hide the learning module via API by changing the publishing status. To fulfill this action successfully, please follow the indications below:

Step 1. Please go to the api.365.system, authenticate yourself, then find the Learning Module options and expand it.

Step 2. In the $expand field, please enter Configuration and Publishing, then hit the Execute button. 

I would recommend you download JSON file and open it with Notepad. It facilitates your process to find an appropriate course.

Step 3. Open this file and copy those values marked red on the screenshot from there.

Step 4.  Please return to the API request LearningModuleAttempts and expand PUT request which allows you to Updates Learning Module. Then please enter the ID of the Learning module, and in the Edit Value field, insert the data that we copied from the previous steps. Please note, some fields may be unnecessary, so please fill the form exactly as shown in the screenshot below with your values. Also, please pay attention to the Publishing row, because you need to change the status IsEnabled value from true to false.  Finally, hit the Execute button at the bottom of the request.

If everything goes correctly, then you can see the response.
At the end of it please return to the Admin center and check the status of the Learning Module.

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