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When creating and managing courses and training plans, you upload and/or create different types of content. When taking courses, learners' data is captured. You may need to get data, files, or other content from LMS365 exported for further use outside of LMS365, or simply to archive outdated content and replace it with new.

LMS365 allows for different ways to export content and data.

In this article, we go through the options for exporting data and content from LMS365.


Bulk export of data and content

Bulk export allows you to export all learner data and content in LMS365 with one action. 

You can have your data and content bulk exported and delivered in Excel and JSON formats by either an LMS365 consultant or a certified LMS365 partner.

You may request a bulk export of:

  • Courses and training plans created in LMS365, including the training structure and content.
  • Separate items: SCORM and AICC packages, quizzes, question pools, images, attachments, documents, files, certificates, videos, and reports.

Export data and content from the LMS365 Admin Center

The LMS365 Admin Center allows for downloading of training content and data in a number of ways.


Export of content packages

From the current course catalog, SCORM and AICC packages can be downloaded one by one.

To download a content package, follow the steps below:

1) From the LMS365 Admin Center left-side menu, go to Content > Content Package Storage.

2) From the Content Package Storage panel, find the relevant content packages.

The Access Type needs to be Full Control Access in order for the content package to be available for export. You can use the Access Type filter to only see content packages of the Access Type: Full Control Access.

You can filter the result further by applying the content package type: SCORM, AICC, or All Content Packages.




3) Select the relevant content package and from the Actions panel, select Download Content Package.

For bulk download of content packages, you can use LMS365 Cloud API.

If you need assistance, please contact an LMS365 consultant or a certified LMS365 partner.


Export data from the Users page

From Users page, you can download data about learners and their progress.

To export data from the Users page, navigate to the LMS365 Admin Center > Users.

From the Users page, you can download:


Export of reports on the course catalog level

Navigating to the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > Training Reports, you can generate and download different types of reports on training and learners from the current course catalog.





Export of reports on the training level 

To generate and download different types of reports for a specific course or training plan, go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > Select the relevant course or training plan to open the Course/Training Plan Management panel for the course or training plan in question.

From here, you can download reports on the level of the specific course or training plan: 


Attendance reports

You can download reports on learners' attendance in course sessions LMS365.

Attendance reports contain data on registered attendance in sessions for enrolled learners. Find information on how to download this data here.


Export customized reports

If you have unique reporting requests that are not covered by the ready-made reports within LMS365, the full integration between LMS365 and Microsoft 365 allows you to create custom reports and download the data you need with Microsoft Power BI. 

For more information, please see this article


Export via API

LMS365 API can be used for bulk export of data and content from the LMS365 platform. For example, for exporting all SCORM packages.




Information about the LMS365 API capabilities is presented in this article.

For instructions on how to generate and manage API keys, please see the API Keys Management article.

If more information is required, please contact your LMS365 partner or the LMS365 Support Team.


Export from client's Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online tenant

The training content (except for SCORM & AICC packages, and course certificates) such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets, PDF files, videos used in learning modules, quizzes, and assignments is stored in the customer’s own Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online tenant. From here, customers may retrieve the training content.  

More information on Microsoft 365 file storage and sharing capabilities can be found in this guide.

Options on the export of site content can be found in Microsoft's documentation:


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