LMS365 Go1 Middleware Integration

With the Go1 and LMS365 integration, courses selected within your Go1 portal can be imported into LMS365 via an easy-to-use interface. In this article, we will go through how to integrate Go1 content with your LMS365 solution.


In this article:


  • A Go1 subscription and portal.
  • An LMS365 subscription and catalog.
  • An LMS365 API key with full-control.

Note: Go1 allows you to select the admins that you want using the middleware, they do not need to be LMS365 roles: LMS Admin, Course Catalog or Course Admins to use the middleware. 


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Important notes

  • You must select the appropriate catalog for LMS365 when pushing content from Go1 to the middleware. e.g Sandbox versus Production.
  • To choose a specific category in the Go1 middleware, that category must exist in LMS365 prior to syncing.
  • Each user that will access the middleware need to authenticate with an LMS365 API key.
    • The API key connection to LMS365 will need to be refreshed every 30 days.
    • See: API Keys Management.
  • There is a limit of 50 courses to sync at one single time using the middleware.
  • Any course that has already been synced from your Go1 portal to LMS365 will not appear in the “Sync courses” section as courses only need to be imported once.
  • Once content is pushed either to your production or sandbox environment using the middleware the system recognizes the content has been synced and cannot be resynced without a support ticket to Go1. Please email support@go1.com.  
  • There is no Course Admin specified when the course is created.

Getting started with Go1

With our close partnership, an LMS365 Business Manager can make an introduction to the Go1 sales team to receive a personalized demo of their content.

When you officially purchase the subscription to Go1’s learning library, you are aligned with a customer success manager who will act as your librarian from Go1.

As your librarian they will introduce you to the best ways of finding, choosing, and importing the content that makes sense for your course catalog(s) in LMS365. They will also help you discover the best ways of unleashing learning for your employees to self-direct their own learning journey, allowing them to feel invested in their development without any heavy lifting from your team.


Ready to import?

Curate content in Go1

  1. Log in to your Go1 portal to curate the content to import.
  2. Select “content” from the drop-down menu in the top right.
  3. Search for and add courses to “my library”.

Login to middleware to import courses from Go1 to LMS365

  1. Log in to the middleware at https://integration-hub.mygo1.com/connection using your Go1 username, password with the URL of your Go1 portal e.g. myportalname.mygo1.com.
  2. The first time you visit, add your LMS365 API key and Go1 API Credentials.
    1. Select Connections > choose LMS365 > Enter API key.
    2. For instructions on how to generate your Go1 API Credentials, please visit this article: https://help.go1.com/en/articles/4642648-integrate-with-the-go1-api 
  3. Review the courses that were added to my library in Go1, select sync courses.
  4. Select the items that you would like to import in to your LMS365 environment.
    1. Choose the LMS365 Catalog and optionally, the Category you would like the course to be added to and press Sync.
  5. Continue this process in increments of 50 courses.


Please submit a ticket via email to support@go1.com to troubleshoot any problems with the middleware or imported content. 

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