November 2021 release highlights

Release date: November 29, 2021.


We’re pleased to announce that the November 2021 release of LMS365 is now available to all customers.


Highlights of this release


Rating of training

Now, learners are nudged to rate courses right after completion

To encourage learners to rate courses they have just completed, the rating option is now a natural part of the training flow. When learners are navigated to the course status page - after they have completed a course - they will now be prompted to rate the training. This will help course admins receive more feedback on courses.



Learners can still rate courses that are in progress or completed from the course home page.

Course rating will still have to be enabled by the catalog admin.



You can now disable certificate expiry and competency revocation notifications for inactive training

When courses or training plans are inactive, learners cannot retake the training. Therefore, it might be irrelevant for learners to receive notifications about expired certificates and revoked competencies related to inactive training.

As a consequence, with this release, we introduce the possibility for admins to disable notifications about certificate expiry and competency revocation for unpublished, ended, and deleted training, as well as for imported external certificates that are not associated with an existing course.




The option of disabling notifications for inactive training will be introduced to the following templates:

  • Certificate Expired
  • Training Plan Certificate Expired
  • Certificate Expiry Reminder
  • Training Plan Certificate Expiry Reminder
  • Competency Revocation Reminder
  • Competency Revoked

By default, these notifications will be enabled for inactive training, but can be disabled by switching off the Send for inactive training toggle in the notification template


New notification introduced to advise course admins when new sessions are requested

With this release, we introduce a notification that is sent to course admins when new sessions are requested, meaning course admins will now be automatically notified when users request new sessions for their courses. This eliminates the need to rely on manual processes to discover session requests.

The notification is called New Session Request and will include information on the user that has requested the session, the course which the session was requested for, and the text entered by the user in the session request message. The notification can be received via email as well as a notification in Microsoft Teams. 

The course admin can use direct links in the notification to easily view the course and to manage the course sessions or session requests.



Per default, all course administrators for a course will receive this notification. However, you can edit the notification template to change the recipients.




Course and training plan management

New names for two labels

To make the navigation in the Course and Training Plan Management panel more intuitive, we have renamed the following two labels:

  1. Manage Learners will change name to Manage People.
  2. Message Learners will change name to Email Learners.



The functionality remains the same.


API improvements

New API endpoints to enable reports on course sessions

With this release, we will introduce two new API endpoints that will make it easier to create reports on course sessions: /odata/v2/CourseSessions and /odata/v2/CourseSessions ({Id}).

For example, this will enable organizations to retrieve reports that show metrics for sessions that a specific user is assigned as an instructor for.




Training home page

The feedback widget is now deactivated - thank you for the feedback!

After the new design for training home pages has become the default, we have now deactivated the feedback widget at the bottom right corner of the training home page.

We are grateful for the feedback we have received and will use it to evaluate, and possibly, further improve the design of the training home page.


Please find full details of the LMS365 November 2021 release in the release notes.

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