How to fix the issue when provisioning of trainings fails at 1% or 26% progress

When you create a new course or training plan, it can happen that the process fails at the point of 1% or 26% progress. In this case, when selecting the red emoji in the line of the course in the Course List, you can see that the provisioning has stuck at 1% or 26% progress.


This error is most likely caused by Microsoft currently rolling out an update that will make Microsoft 365 APIs check if subsite creation is allowed on tenant level for programmatic subsite creation as well. When this update is rolled out, subsites can not be created via APIs, if subsite creation is not enabled for all sites on a tenant level.

As courses and training plans are created on subsites to a course catalog, this will prevent new courses and training plans from being created unless, again, subsite creation is enabled for all sites on tenant level.

To enable the creation of courses when you face this issue, you, therefore, need to change the subsite creation settings of SharePoint.


Enabling the creation of SharePoint subsites for all sites on tenant level

To enable the creation of SharePoint subsites for all sites:

  • First open the Microsoft 365 page, and from All Apps, select Admin.




  • In the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, choose SharePoint.


  • Go to Settings, and at the bottom of the page, select go to the classic settings page.


  • Under the Subsite Creation section, choose Enable subsite creation for all sites. Select OK to change your settings.


  • After a few minutes, you should be able to create new courses again.
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