The "Learner's Progress" dashboard and report

To understand the training status of specific learners in a course catalog, LMS365 offers course catalog admins an overview of the training progress of individual learners in the Learner's Progress dashboard and report.

This guide introduces to this dashboard and report and explains what data to extract from it.




Where to find the Learner's Progress dashboard and report

To find the Learner's Progress dashboard and report, go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Users > Select the relevant learner > View Learner’s Progress.



This will bring out the Progress panel displaying the progress of the selected learner in a dashboard overview.




The pie charts present an overview of the learner’s progress, while progress for each training activity is available in the columns below. The list with progress for each training activity can be expanded for more information.



The Learner Progress view and the Excel report present information based on all data available for the learner, that is not only the current enrollments. This means that all trainings that the learner has ever been enrolled in are displayed.


Downloading a learner's report and certificate(s)

The learner’s progress report in the Excel file can be downloaded by selecting Download Report.




The exported report contains information about the learner's progress for each training activity.




You can download or delete certificates for all training the learner has been certified for (this can be imported external training, currently available training, ot the training that has been deleted).

To do this, select the relevant course or training plan in the Name column below the pie charts, select the eye icon under the Certificate column.

From the opened panel, select the download icon to download the certificate, or the x icon to delete the certificate.




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