The "Course/Training Plan Progress" dashboard and report


The Course/Training Plan Progress dashboard provides an overview of the progress for a specific course or training plan. From this view, you can also download an Excel report with additional data about learners' progress with the course or training plan in question.

In this guide, we will cover how to find this view and report and what options you have to manage the progress of learners from this view. 


How to find the course/training plan progress dashboard and report

There are several ways to get to the course/training plan progress dashboard and report:

  • Go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > select relevant course/training plan > Course Progress/Training Plan Progress.




  • From the training home page, select Course/Training Plan Management > on the Course/Training Plan Management panel, select Course/Training Plan Progress.     




This will bring out the Progress panel displaying the learners' progress with the selected training, in a dashboard overview like below.



  The view for courses



 The view for training plans


Overview of the course/training plan progress dashboard

The charts of the dashboard contains the following information:

  • Number of learners that are currently enrolled in the training.
  • Number of learners that have ever completed the training.
  • Average training rating (is calculated as an average of all received (not hidden) ratings).
  • Percentage of the current learners that have Completed, In Progress, Not Started, and Overdue statuses.
  • The Download Report - Excel File button enables you to download an Excel sheet with data on the course/training plan progress that includes more details about the enrolled learners.

Click the expand button of Summary of Progress for Selected Course/Training Plan to expand or collapse the summary information.




Below the charts, you can find information about the progress of learners who are currently enrolled in the course or training plan in the following columns:

  • Name Name of enrolled learners.
  • Status Learner’s completion status: Not Started, In Progress, or Completed. For more information on the learner's completion status, please visit this guide.
  • CEUs Positive or decimal number of CEUs earned for the training completion (if set).
  • Progress Learner’s progress with the training in percentage.
  • Score Learner’s average score of the learning items required for the training completion.
  • Completed The date the learner has completed the training. There are two possible types of the completion date: 1) To set the exact date manually by editing learners in the course/training plan progress. 2) The date will be set automatically after the learner has completed the training.
  • Certificate Learner’s certificate (if a certificate is achieved)


Select the Reload icon to update to view the latest version of the course/training plan progress dashboard.

The search field allows you to search for specific users.

Selecting the different columns, you can sort the information.



Users will be filtered by username set in the Azure AD, not by first or last name.




The All Course Sessions drop-down filter allows you to sort learners’ details by course sessions for the Instructor-Led Training with the Enroll user into a single course session enrollment type.





To see details on a learner's progress on each learning item of the course, select the expand button next to the learner’s name. Items required for course completion are marked with the star icon.





  • Course progress is calculated according to the course completion set with the highest progress percentage.
  • Once there is more than one completion set, the Required for Completion icon in the dashboard will depend on the learner's progress for the required items and be shown for the completion set that the user has the highest progress percentage for.

    For example, if there are 2 course completion sets:
      • Set 1 with the required items 1 and 2.
      • Set 2 with the required items 3 and 4.

        Let the learner's progress for required items for set 1 be 50 %, for set 2 - 70%. As the progress for set 2 (70%) is higher than the progress for set 1 (50 %), the Required for Completion icon will be shown next to the required items from set 2.

        Once the learner's progress for the required items changes, the icon will change accordingly.

  • When you set the course completion manually, Progress and Score values will automatically be set to 0%.


To find more about how this progress is calculated and how you can understand the data shown by the dashboard and the Excel report please visit this link.


Managing capabilities of the course/training plan progress view

Beside providing metrics on the progress of courses and training plans, the course/training plan progress view also provides the following options to manage learners' progress:

Edit learners' progress and completion status

By selecting the expand icon next to a learner’s name, admins can see and edit the learner's progress selecting the pen icon in the learner name row.




On the opened sidebar, you can see the list of all learning items and change their completion status manually.




The course completion toggle allows you to mark the whole course as completed, regardless of the status of its learning items including and whether these learning items are required or not. 

When you enable the Completed toggle to Yes, you will see a Completion Date field where you are allowed to manually set the date (by default it shows your current date) and a CEUs field where you can edit the number of CEUs earned by the learner (by default it shows the number of CEUs granted according to the course settings).




Select Save to save changes or close the sidebar to discard them.


Delete learners' attempt or progress

Admins can delete learner's attempt of a separate learning item in the course or delete the learner's course progress.

To delete a learner’s last attempt of a learning item, select the red cross next to the relevant learning item.





If the course was manually marked as completed, but no learning items inside it were marked as completed, you will not have any attempt to delete.


In the confirmation dialogue, select to delete all or only the the last attempt.




Admins can delete a learner's course completion, a learner’s existing certificate(s), and granted competencies by selecting the red cross next to the learner's name.




On the opened panel, select the items to delete.




By default, only completed items will be selected for deleting. Select the relevant items and then select the Delete button to delete the progress of the learner.



  • If a course was marked as completed manually but no learning items inside it where marked as completed, you will see no learning items to select and delete.

  • Course status will be updated when:
    • The learner repasses one of the objects required for the course completion.
    • The admin updates Course Completion Settings.
    • One of the objects required for course completion has been deleted.


Reset learners' progress

To reset the progress of the training (if the option Voluntary Retake option is on) select the Force retake icon.




Confirm the action by selecting the Retake button.




After you have reset the progress of the learner, the training status will be updated to Not Started, but the learner’s previous completion will still be in the learner’s record. For more detailed information please read this guide on course/training plan retake.


Manage learners' certificates

You can view learner’s certificate(s) by selecting the eye symbol in the Certificate column.




If a learner has more than one certificate, the list of all the learner's certificates will be displayed.




The list of all certificates provides information about the certificates' status (Valid, Expiring, Expired) and the date for when the certificate was issued and when it will expire. Also, the list allows you to download the certificate(s) to your local computer and to delete it.


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