How to add the LMS365 Admin Center link to the SharePoint site

When, as the admin, you created the course catalog with courses, you would like to easily navigate between the LMS365 Admin Center and courses. Every course catalog includes a home page. This page is a standard SharePoint page where you can customize navigation.

In this article, we describe the way to add the LMS365 Admin Center link to the SharePoint site navigation panel.

To add the LMS365 Admin Center quick access link, follow the steps:

1) Go to the course catalog home page > select Edit on the navigation panel.




2) The left-side Edit navigation menu opens.

Hover over above or below an existing web part, depending on where you would like to place a new link, and click the circled plus sign.




3) The Add menu opens for you to fill in:

  1. In the Choose an option field, select Link. 
  2. Copy the URL address of your LMS Admin Center and paste it in the Address field.
  3. In the Display name field, specify the name of your link that will be visible on the site navigation panel.
  4. Save the new link on the menu with OK or Cancel changes. This action does not allow saving the link on the site navigation.
  5. To complete changes and apply them to the site navigation menu, select Save at the bottom-left of the page.




4) Check the working link and its place on the site navigation panel.




To get more information on SharePoint site customization, please follow the link.

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