How to add a link to the LMS365 Admin Center in the SharePoint site navigation

For admins, it can be helpful to easily navigate between the learner user interface of course catalogs and courses and the LMS365 Admin Center. 

In this article, we will describe how you can add a link to enable admins to navigate to the LMS365 Admin Center from the site navigation of the SharePoint site of a course catalog. 




1) Go to the course catalog home page and, from the site navigation, select Edit.




2) The Edit navigation panel will open.

Ensure site navigation audience targeting is enabled so you can target the link and ensure it will only be displayed to relevant people in your organization.




3) Hover above or below an existing link and select the circled plus sign to create a new link in this place.




4) In the window that opens, fill in the following information:

  1. In the Choose an option field, select Link. 
  2. Copy the URL address of your LMS Admin Center and paste it into the Address field.
  3. In the Display name field, type the display text of the link.
  4. Select a group to whom the link will be displayed. This can, for example, be a group for LMS365 admins.
  5. Select OK to save the new link. This action will not save the link in the site navigation.
  6. To apply the link to the site navigation menu, select Save at the bottom-left of the page.




Now, a link to the LMS365 Admin Center will be available for relevant people to easily navigate to the LMS365 Admin Center.




You can find more information on customizing SharePoint's site navigation in Microsoft's documentation.


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