"Oops, something went wrong" error appears after a course catalog URL has been changed

If the URL of a course catalog has been changed in SharePoint, in some cases, this can result in the course catalog home page not loading for users when they try to access it. Instead, users will get the following error message: "Oops, something went wrong" when they try to visit the course catalog home page.



The console will show a 404 error in this case.



This article provides you with steps on how to fix this issue.


Solution for this issue

The issue arises when the change of the URL is not reflected in the LMS365 database. To create this reflection, you will need to, additionally, make the change to the course catalog URL via API.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://api.365.systems/, log in, find the PATCH /odata/v2/CourseCatalogs({Id}) Updates individual fields of existing Course Catalog endpoint under CourseCatalogs, and select Try it out.



2. Enter the current course catalog, the new course catalog title, and the new course catalog URL as shown below. Then, select Execute.




You can find the course catalog ID by running the GET /odata/v2/CourseCatalogs endpoint.


After updating the course catalog URL via API, the changes will be applied immediately and this should eliminate the error on the course catalog page.



If synchronization fails, then clean the cache and cookies in your browser and reload the page.


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