How to investigate issues with Try Again button

When you receive the 'Try again' button, there is a possibility to see some details about the error.

Find a text like 'AADSTS501481', 'AADSTS501051', 'AADSTS160021' copy only the number 


and paste it here:

For some errors, you will see recommendations.



Information about your sign-in you can check here:



Possible codes:

AADSTS160021 - the issue is related to third-party cookies. Need to enable third-party cookies in the setting of the browser.

AADSTS700003 - it connected with the internal policies of the email provider.

AADSTS90094 - need to check if the admin consent was granted.

AADSTS50076 - if the organization uses Multi-Factor Authentication, you should use the app password generated separably in O365. Follow the next instruction.

AADSTS50058 - a fix has been created.

AADSTS65001 -

AADSTS90033 - it occurs when referring to Microsoft services and it is usually solved by clicking the 'Try again' button.


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