How to add the LMS365 tile to the Office365 apps launcher?

The Microsoft 365 app launcher is a menu of apps and services that your organization is licensed for. It opens when you select the app launcher icon 14-12.png  on placed at the top-left corner. The LMS365 tile is also available in the launcher providing quick access to the learning platform.

In this guide, we go through the steps on how to add the LMS365 app tile and pin it to the Microsoft Office app launcher.

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How to add the LMS365 tile 

The LMS365 tile can be added to the Office app launcher via Microsoft admin center by the Microsoft 365 global administrator.

As the Microsoft 365 global administrator you need to have a working LMS365 installation first to be able to add the LMS365 tile to your users’ Office app launcher.

To add the LMS365 tile, sign in to the Microsoft admin center at with your Microsoft 365 admin credentials. The next steps are described in details in this article.

When all settings are completed, the LMS365 tile now appears in the app launcher under the All apps tab for you and your LMS365 users, but you can pin it to the Home apps for quicker navigation.

How to pin the LMS365 tile 

To pin the LMS365 tile, find it in the launcher under the All aps >Other, in the drop-down menu select Pin to launcher.



Thus, the learners can find LMS365 tile under the Apps section.




The learners will see this tile in the launcher under the Admin selected apps if navigate to All apps.



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