How can I see the number of group members in a SharePoint group?

Perhaps you would like to understand how many separate enrollments you have for a course so you can see how far the course is from reaching the limit of 5,000 separate enrollments. You can easily get this number from the Learner group of the SharePoint page of the course. 

In this guide, we will walk you through how to navigate in SharePoint to find this information.


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Adjust list settings

First, you need to adjust the list settings of People and Groups to show the count of users in the group.

1. From the SharePoint site of the course catalog, select Settings (the gear icon) > Site Information > View all site settings > Users and Permissions > People and groups.

2. From People and Groups, go to Settings and select List Settings.





3. On the opened page, navigate down to Views and select Detail View or List View, depending on which view you employ the list.





4. On opened page, navigate down to Totals, and for Name, select Count.


5. Select OK to save the changes.

As a result, the group count will be shown just below the Name column in People and Groups lists.

Find the group and see the count

After you have adjusted the list settings, you can go to the Learner group of the relevant course to see the count of learners by following the steps:

1. From the SharePoint page of the course, select Settings (the gear icon) > Site Information > View all site settings > Users and Permissions > People and groups> More.

2. From the opened list of all training groups, select the Learners group of the relevant course.

In the Name column, you can find the number of users in the Learners group.





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