How do I enroll more than 5,000 users in a course?

Due to SharePoint limitations regarding the number of users in a SharePoint group, all courses have a maximum of 5,000 separate enrollments. This means that when a course has 5,000 separate enrollments, attempts to enroll in this course will fail.

This can cause an issue for larger organizations that have a large number of learners, or for courses that run over a longer period of time and may eventually reach 5,000 separate enrollments.

In this article, we describe what you can do if a course reaches 5,000 separate enrollments and you want to enable more learners to enroll.


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The limit of separate enrollments

Each group in a SharePoint site collection can have up to 5,000 users. Users are added to a SharePoint group when they're enrolled in an LMS365 course so the maximum number of separate enrollments per course is 5,000 users.

When this limit is reached, users can't enroll themselves in the course. If they try, they'll see a message that their enrollment failed because the maximum number of enrollments for the course has been reached.

If the course admin tries to enroll users in a course past the 5,000 separate enrollment limit, a notification informs them that the attempt has failed. All enrollments up to the 5,000 limit will be approved and the remaining ones will be rejected.


Overview of the users in groups

Required role: catalog admin

Users who enroll in a course become members of the SharePoint Learners group, while course admins are members of the SharePoint Administrators group. As long as the Learners group has fewer than 5,000 individual users or user groups, people can still enroll in this course.

You can quickly get an overview of the number of users in SharePoint groups of a course or training plan.

To view the count of a SharePoint group:

1. Go to the course or training plan home page, select the Settings icon and then Site contents.

2. On the Site contents page, select Site settings.

3. On the opened Site Settings page, under Users and Permissions, select People and groups.

4. On the People and Groups page, select More. This opens the People and Groups page, which displays all the groups of the current course catalog.

5. In the list, search for the relevant course or training plan.

6. Select the relevant group of the course or training plan – Learners or Administrators. This opens the page of the selected group, where you can see all the users of this group. The total number of users in this group is shown next to Count=(number) at the top of the list. If the count is missing, you'll need to adjust the list settings.




Possible solutions 

If you need more than 5,000 users to complete a course, this can be done in two ways:

  • Azure Active Directory groups inside a course or training plan are counted as one item in a SharePoint group. As a result, if you have more than 5,000 users of your LMS365 solution, we recommend you enroll groups in courses and training plans instead of individual users. Using this method, you can enroll up to 5,000 separate Active Directory groups, each including multiple users.

  • Course admins can manually unenroll users who have completed a course, then enroll users who haven't yet been enrolled in the course. The unenrolled users won't be able to revisit the content of this course but will retain any achieved certificates and CEUs.


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