Course content: create, manage, and get an overview of the course content


The Content section enables course admins to create, manage, and get an overview of the content of a course.

From here, course admins can create and manage different types of course content for the course - content packages, quizzes, learning modules, and external apps, get an overview of all content that is currently added to the course, and control how the content is displayed to learners on the course home page. 

In this guide, we will provide an overview of the Content section and how to create and manage course content for individual courses from here.



Overview of the Content section

You find the Course Content Management page from the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management  > select a course > Course Management > Manage Course Content.



It is also possible to get here from the Edit Course, Manage Course Settings or Manage Learners buttons of the Course Management panel by navigating between sections in one click. 


The Content section of the training editing panel will open and allow you to manage content for the course in question. The current content of the course will be listed on the page, learning item per learning item in the way you have ordered them.



The Content section has the following columns:

  • Name - Shows the name of the learning item.
  • Visibility - Displays whether the item is visible or hidden for learners on the course home page and in the learning player.



  • Type - Shows the learning item type: Learning Module, Quiz, Content Package, or External App.
  • Published - Shows whether the learning item is published or not.
  • Number of Items - Shows the number of elements the learning item consists of.
  • Course Completion - Shows whether the learning item is set as a required to complete the course.


All new learning item, that are added to the course, are automatically marked as required to complete the course. To change the completion settings, navigate to the Course Management panel > Course Completion Settings > choose which learning items that will be required in order to complete the course. Find more detailed on creating and managing course completion sets in this guide.

  • Progress - Shows how learners are progressing with the learning item. Color indicator and percentage will give a quick indication of the progress status:


Not Started – Means the learning item has not been started by learners yet.

In Progress – Means learners have started the attempt, but have not completed it.

Failed – Means learners failed to complete the last attempt or the learning item itself.

Completed –Means learners have successfully completed the learning item.

When no learners are enrolled in the course, the progress bar is grey.




Adding learning items to courses

To add a learning item to a course, from the Content section, select + Add Learning Item and choose the type of learning item you want to add to the course.



When you add a content package, a quiz, or an external app, a panel will appear where you can add, upload, and create the learning item.


For content packages


For quizzes 


For external apps


When adding learning modules, you will be redirected to the Learning Module Builder page where you can create the learning module.

To see details about creating and managing the different types of learning content, please see:

Reordering learning items

By default, the order of learning items corresponds to the order in which they were added to the course. You can drag and drop learning items to reorder. 



The order of learning items in the Content section is reflected on the course home page and controls the order in which learners will see the learning items at the page and in which order they will consume the content in the course. All newly added learning items will appear under the existing ones in the order they were added to the course. Reorder them in the way for them to be displayed.


Setting prerequisites (locking option)

Admins can set prerequisites by locking learning items for the learners until all preceding learning elements have been completed. This allows the admin to control the order in which learners go through the course content.

To set prerequisites, select the lock icon in the right end of the row of the relevant learning item. This will prevent the learner from proceeding to this learning items before the learning items before this learning item has been completed by the learner. 

Locked items have a blue closed lock, unlocked ones - a grey opened lock.



Learning items can't be locked in the following situations:

  • The learning item is the only learning item of the course. 


  • The learning item is the first item in the course content list or hidden.


You can lock all learning items (except learning items that meet the criteria mentioned above) with one action by clicking the lock in the right upper corner.




We recommend to check the prerequisites each time after reordering and hiding/showing items as learning items automatically become unlocked in the following situations:

  • A locked item is reordered and moved to the first place in the list.
  • A locked item is hidden and then made visible again.


Hiding learning items (making learning items invisible for learners)

You can prevent learners from seeing specific learning items at the course home page by hiding the item. 



The visibility status is displayed in the column next to the item's title.



When hiding an item a confirmation message will notify that the item will no longer be visible or available for learners on the course home page or in the course player.




If a hidden item is required to progress or complete the course, learners will be unable to do this without help.

You can make a hidden learning item visible by marking the eye icon on the row of the learning icon and selecting Make Quiz/Learning Module/External App/Content Package Visible.




Content management capabilities

The capabilities to manage course content differ depending on the type of the learning item.


For Learning Modules you can view learners' progress, view the learning module, edit or delete the learning module, hide the learning module/make the learning module visible, and delete the learning module.


For Quizzes, you can view learners' details, view question statistics, edit quiz, hide the quiz/make the quiz visible, and remove the quiz from the course.


For Content Packages, you can view learners' details, view the content package, view the content package information, hide the content package/make the content package visible, or remove the content package from the course.


For External Apps, you can view learners' details, edit the external app, hide the external app/make the external app visible, and delete the external app.



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