API keys management


LMS365 enables global admins to generate multiple LMS365 API keys.

This allows for control over individual API keys as it's possible to revoke keys that are employed for a specific use without risking breaking critical integrations. Also, either Read Only or Full Control can be assigned to each key limiting how the specific API key can be used.

This article covers how to find, generate, manage, edit, and revoke LMS365 API keys.  


Where to manage API keys

API management is done centrally from the LMS365 Admin Center > Global Settings > API Key Management.



Here, the global admin can see a list of all API keys of the LMS365 solution, generate new API keys, assign permissions, and revoke and edit current API keys.


The overview of API keys

The following information is provided on the API Key Management page:

  • Name. The name of the API key is used for admins to identify relevant keys.
  • API Key. The last 12 digits of the API key is shown in the overview. The API key can be copied from here. 
  • Status. Shows whether the API key is Active or Revoked.
  • Permissions. Displays the level of API key permissions: Read Only or Full Control.
  • Date Created. Displays the date and time of when the API key was created.
  • Created By. Displays the name of the user who created the API key.
  • Revocation Date. Displays the date and time of when the API key was revoked.
  • Revoked By. Displays the name of the user who revoked the API key.


To search for a specific API key, you can use the Search field or filter keys from any column by selecting this.

The Created By and Revoked By columns have their own filters.



Generate API keys

To generate an API key, select the Generate API Key button.



In the panel that folds out, enter an appropriate name in the Name field, copy the API key to the clipboard if needed, and select the permissions level - Read Only or Full Control.



An API Key with Read Only permissions makes it possible to read data from your LMS365 solution. It's not possible to update, create, or delete data in your LMS365 tenant using this API Key. Attempting to update, create, or delete data, using a Read Only permission API Key, will cause the attempt to fail.

An API Key with Full Control permissions makes it possible to read, update, create, and delete data in your LMS365 solution.




After the type of access is selected and saved it's not possible to change it.


Manage API keys

On the API Key Management page, you can edit or revoke API keys. To do this, select the relevant API key and choose the relevant action in the Actions panel.



To edit an API key:

  1. Select Edit API Key.
  2. This opens a panel where you can edit the name of the API key. You can't change other abilities of the API key than the name.

To revoke an API key:

  1. Select Revoke API Key. The action of revoking an API key can't be undone.

When an API key is revoked all flows and connections, for example, created with Power BI and Power Automate, that are using this API key, will stop working. 



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