Settings for the left-navigation on My Training Dashboard


The Settings section of My Training Dashboard allows course catalog and Microsoft365 global admins to hide/show sections on the left-navigation menu of My Training Dashboard as well as to add relevant links to it. In this way, the admin can control which sections of the dashboard that will be available for learners.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the Settings section of My Training Dashboard.




Configuring My Training Dashboard settings



  • Only users with the LMS administrator role can see the Settings section on My Training Dashboard and configure it.

  • All changes to My Training Dashboard Settings are applied to and affect only the page where the My Training Dashboard web part is added. This means that if you, for example are employing My Training Dashboard in Microsoft Teams as well as in Microsoft SharePoint, you will have to make changes both places in order to deliver the same experience across the applications.

  • Changes are applied for all users in the same course catalog.



From the Settings section, the admin can hide/show sections and add, edit, or delete relevant links to control the navigation elements of the left navigation of My Training Dashboard. 

To customize the left-navigation and relevant links, select the Settings section of My Training Dashboard. The settings options will open in a sidebar.




Hiding/showing sections

It is possible to hide/show some sections of My Training Dashboard, but reordering is not available.


The following sections can be hidden from the Settings section of My Training Dashboard:

  • Overview
  • Certificated & Competencies
  • Transcript
  • CEUs
  • Leaderboard
  • Back to Classic Look

Choose the sections you want to be displayed or hidden on the left-navigation of My Training Dashboard by ticking or unticking the box next to the relevant sections. Save or Cancel your changes.




  •  The Training section is greyed out as it is a default section of My Training Dashboard and cannot be hidden from the navigation. The Line Manager Dashboard is enabled or disabled from LMS365 Global Settings > LMS Configuration and is greyed out in the Settings section of My Training Dashboard.

  • In Microsoft Teams, the Leaderboard section is off by default. You can enable it in the Settings section of My Training Dashboard in Teams.




Changes made to My Training Dashboard in Teams will be applied for all learners and all My Training Dashboard web parts in the tenant's Teams application.



See details about each section of My Training Dashboard in this article.


Managing relevant links

You can add, edit, and delete relevant links from the left navigation of My Training Dashboard.   

To add links that you would like to be displayed in the left-navigation, select Add+ to the right of Relevant Links.




Fill out the Title and the Site URL fields. Select Add to save the changes or Cancel to discard.







The links you add will be displayed in the left-navigation of My Training Dashboard as well as in the Settings section. Save or Cancel your changes.






To edit relevant links, select the link and edit the information in the Edit Link panel. Select Update to save the changes or Cancel them.




To delete a relevant link, select the link and choose the X sign to the right of the link. Please Save or Cancel your changes.





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