Creating and managing question pools


Question pools are repositories of questions stored in the LMS365 Admin Center that you can use in quizzes across an LMS365 solution.

The course admin decides how many questions from one or more questions pools that will be used in a quiz and whether these will be shown in a predefined order or chosen randomly by the system. If the random selection is chosen, learners will get different questions from the pool, for example, if they fail and have to retake the assessment. 

In this guide, we will go through how to create and manage question pools in LMS365. 





IMPORTANT: LMS365 Question Pools are tenant based and are available on all site collections of a tenant. The question pools can be viewed, edited, and employed by all course catalog and course administrators.



Question pools storage

The question pools stored in your tenant can be found in the LMS365 Admin Center > Manage Content > Manage Quizzes > Question Pools:




The Question Pools page provides a list of all question pools in the solution with the information arranged in the following columns:

  • Name - The name of the question pool is used for admins to find and identify individual question pools.
  • Description - The description of a question pool is used for admins to provide additional information and notes about a question pool to other admins. 
  • Questions - The number of questions that the question pool consists of.
  • Category - The category of the question pool.
  • Managed By - The list of users who can manage the question pool. These users are assigned as managers via the Reassign Question Pool option.
  • Created By - The user who created the question pool.
  • Date Created - The date and time the question pool was created.

Each column can be used for sorting, simply by marking the column. The Questions column has a filter that allows you to find question pools based on the number of questions in the pool. The filter allows multiple choice and contains only values that reflect the numbers of questions available in question pools in your tenant:




Creating question pools

To create a new question pool, do the following:

1) In the LMS365 Admin Center > select Manage Content > choose Manage Quizzes and select Question Pools. On the Question Pools page, select the Create Question Pool button:


2) The Create Question Pool page will open.



In the Question Pool Details section, you enter name, description, and category for the question pool:

  • Title - The title of the question pool is used for admins to find and identify individual question pools.
  • Description - The description of a question pool is used for admins to provide additional information and notes about a question pool to other admin. Also, admins can find and identify relevant question pools based on the description.
  • Category - Also categories will help admins find and identify relevant question pools. When typing, previously used categories of the same spelling will appear for you to select, if an existing category does not match what you type, you will create a new category. 

In the Question Pool Questions section and Question Pool Editor, you manage questions in the question pool.

To add questions:

Select Edit in the right side of questions in the Question Pool Editor to edit questions or Delete to delete the question from the question pool. 

You can change the order of questions in the question pool by drag and drop. This order will affect the order of questions when the question pool is added as a whole to a quiz.


3) Select Create to save the question pool or Return to Question Pools on the top of the page to discard the creation. When selecting Return to Question Pools, a message will notify that the changes made may be lost.




Select Ok to continue and leave without saving the changes or Cancel to return to the question pool creation page.


Question Pool Management

From the Question Pool list, it is possible to edit, reassign, or delete created question pools.

To perform any of these actions, select the relevant question pool, and then the needed option from the Actions panel:




Editing question pools

To edit a question pool, go to the LMS365 Admin CenterManage Content > Manage Quizzes > Question Pools, select a question pool and on the Actions panel click the Edit Question Pool button.




A Question Pool creation page opens where you can make the needed changes to the the Title, Description and Category fields and the questions within the question pool as well.

The affect of editing question pools depends on the type of questions (Fixed or Random) which is set during the creation of the quiz.

If the Fixed type is applied when questions from a question pool is added to a quiz, all further changes made in this question pool will not affect the existing quiz. With the Fixed type, the questions will be copied over to the quiz in question and will be isolated from changes done to the question in the question pool or the question pool it was part of. Also, if changes are done to the question in the quiz, this will not affect the question in the question pool.




If the Random type is applied when questions from a question pool is added to a quiz, all changes made to this question pool and the questions within it will be synced and applied to all quizzes that employ this question pool.




Edit questions within a question pool

Editing questions in a question pool is done via LMS365 Admin Center - Manage Content - Manage Quizzes - Question Pools - select a question pool - click the Edit Question Pool button - go to the Question Pool Editor.




Select the question you want to edit and click the Edit mceclip2.png button, after that a question creation page will open where you can make and save changes (question creation pages differ depending on the question type).


Reassigning question pools and questions within it

If you want to enable other administrators to manage a question pool without being a course catalog administrator, select Reassign Question Pool. This will allow you to specify the users, you want to reassign the question pool to, by inserting their names or email addresses. Save your changes.




The users that are assigned as Managers will be displayed on the Question Pool page in the Managed By column.


The user who created the question pool, the course catalog administrator(s), and users who are assigned to manage the question pool can view, edit, delete, and/or reassign the question pool. HOWEVER, assigning users as Managers of a specific question pool will not grant them access to the whole question pools storage. Only users who have access to the storage (catalog administrator(s) and course administrator(s) will be able to manage all question pools.


Deleting question pools

If you select Delete Question, a message will ask you to confirm the deletion and notify you that the deletion can't be undone.




If you try to delete a question pool that is in use via Random questions in any quiz, you will see the following message which will include an option to edit this quiz.



I you change the type to Fixed or remove the question pool from the quiz, you will be able to delete the question pool.

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