How learners interact with the learning content


In this article, we will cover how learners begin training and what the user interface is like for learners when they are interacting with the learning content in LMS365.


Starting the training

When learners start engaging with course content, this is done from the learning modules on the course and training plan home page.

To start the training in a module:

  1. Select the learning module.
  2. Select the Start button next to the learning module to start the training.



There are different buttons on the course/training plan home page depending on the status of the learning item:

  • Start - the learning item has not been started yet. You can start a new attempt mceclip1.png
  • Continue - the learning item has been started, but not finished. You can continue attempt mceclip2.png
  • Locked - the learning item has prerequisites. You cannot start it until all previous learning items are completed mceclip3.png
  • Try again - you have finished the last attempt unsuccessfully mceclip4.png
  • Review - you have successfully completed the learning item mceclip5.png

When selecting the play icon, the learner will be presented to an overview of the course syllabus.

Selecting Start at the bottom of the page will start the training. If learners select Skip, they will be redirected to the next unlocked learning item of the course.




To navigate to a learning item (except the locked items), select the relevant item in the course syllabus.




Select a learning item to start consuming the learning content.




Select Next to proceed to the next learning item of the course syllabus and Previous to see the previous.

Learners can go back to learning items, they have already completed. If the learning item is a quiz and the learner has more attempts, they can go back to the quiz to make another attempt or review their answers if this possibility is enabled. 




Once all learning items have been completed, learners will see a congratulation message and will be asked to rate the training.




If there are learning items that have not yet been completed, learners will see a message that they have not completed the course yet.




The learner can select Go to the first incomplete item on the Course or Resume to continue to the incomplete learning item.

To go back to the course home page, the learner can select the door icon at the top.




According to the settings of the content type of the learning (quiz, learning module, content package, etc.) the learning experience can differ.


Engaging with learning in learning modules

To navigate between learning items within a learning module, learners can use the navigation buttons in the footer or navigation in the course syllabus.

To start a course from where the learner has left it, the learner selects Go to the first not completed item.




If a quiz or content package inside a learning module is failed and there are no attempts left, the learning module will be failed and the learner will not be able to retake this module.




Learners can be required to confirm that they have read and understood the content of a learning module. The confirmation of reading and understanding materials is required if the course administrator has enabled the Confirmation option.




Without confirming, learners will not be able to proceed with the training (the Next button will be disabled). However, it is possible to return to the previous item.

A required confirmation at the end of the learning module will prevent learners from finishing the learning module without assuring that they have read and understood all content of the learning module.


If the confirmation requires Authorization, learners need to enter their credentials to confirm they have understood the course materials.


Taking quizzes

To complete a quiz learners select their answer(s) and select “Next”.




Answered questions in the quiz are marked with a blue circle.

To navigate between questions in a quiz, learners can use the navigation buttons in the footer or navigation in the course syllabus - if the course administrator has enabled the Allow Navigation option.

If the course administrator has enabled the Timer and Show Timer in Player options for the quiz, a timer will be shown in the left part of the quiz window.




When time is up, all points for the answered questions are calculated. The learner will be automatically redirected to the finish page. If learners have earned enough points, their attempt is considered completed. Otherwise, the attempt is considered failed (learners will only be able to review the questions they have answered).




If the course administrator has disabled the Show Timer in Player option for the quiz, but has enabled the Timer option, learners will not see the time running. However, they will be redirected to the finish page when the time is up. So, the timer will be on, but the learner won’t be able to see it.


If learners exit a quiz or navigate to another item when the time is running, a message will notify that the timer will continue to run for the remainder of the time and that if they return after the timer has timed out their attempt will have ended.


Learners will see their score during the quiz, if the course administrator has enabled the Show Score option.




Points will be counted according to the percentage of the selected answer. If learners enter an incorrect answer, they will receive 0 points.


If there is no timer on the quiz, learners select Submit when they are done answering.

If learners select Submit, and there are still unanswered questions, a message will notify that if learners Submit, this action can't be undone. If learners cancel this action they will be taken back to the quiz questions.


The quiz is completed if learners have reached the passing score that has been defined for the quiz.

Learners can view all relevant information about the quiz they have just completed as well as exit it, attempt the quiz again (if there are attempts left), or review their answers (if the course administrator has enabled this).




If learners have not passed the quiz, the quiz will not be completed. The learner can then exit the quiz, start a new attempt if, there are attempts left, or go to the next learning item.




To review the answered or unanswered questions (if the course administrator has enabled this option), learners can select Review your answers on the status page.




Questions that are not answered will be marked with a an empty white circle, correct answers are marked green, and incorrect are marked red.


Taking Content Packages


If there is only one content package in the course and the Show LMS365 Table of Content option is disabled, the course syllabus will not open by default. To open it, the learner must select the Table of Content at the top-left corner.


  • If the Review answers option is supported by the content package, learners can review their answers by selecting Review your answers.




  • If the administrator has enabled the Show statistics for a learner option, learners can see the data related to the content package by selecting View your statistics.




The learner will be presented to main statistics parameters, time spent, etc.




To close the Statistics page, select Result in the footer or select the relevant learning item in the course syllabus.

  • If the administrator has enabled the Navigation controls option for the content package, learners can pause their attempt by selecting Suspend in the footer.

Completing the course

Depending on the Course Completion settings, learning items in a course can be required to complete. To complete a course, learners need to complete all learning items in the course that are required to complete.

To see whether a learning item is required to complete, navigate to the course home page. In the Content section, you will see an exclamation mark in a circle next to learning items that are required to complete. Learning items without such an icon are optional to complete, and their completion or incompletion will not affect the completion status of the course. 



Once the last of the learning items, that are required for completion, has been completed, the course status will automatically be changed to 'Completed'. 

In the content player, the COURSE STATUS page of the Course Syllabus allows users to rate the course, but doesn't affect the course completion progress. By the moment learners see this page with a message congratulating them on the successful completion of the course, the course status is already set as completed. This also means selecting the Exit. Back to the course option is not required in order for the system to register the course as completed.




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