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The LMS365 quiz functionality is designed to create and employ quizzes as an intermediate or final test. The quiz functionality includes many settings that enable you to create tests for a wide variety of purposes.

This article describes how to create quizzes in LMS365, where to start and how to properly fill in each field on the quiz creating process.

Watch the video below or scroll through the article. Please note that the article contains more details.



Where to start quiz creation

There are several starting points to create a new quiz:

1) In the LMS365 Admin Center, go to Content on the left-side panel > Quizzes.

On the opened Quizzes panel, all quizzes of the current course catalog are listed. On the panel, you find the quiz name, the quiz description (if there is any), the publishing status, the user name who created the quiz (if stated), and the creation date.

Select  +Create Quiz  to create a quiz.



2) From the Content section of the Course editing panel of the existing course.

  1. In the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > select the relevant course to open its Course Management panel.
  2. On the Course Management panel, select Manage Course Content and navigate to the Content section.
  3. From the Add Learning Item drop-down menu, select Quiz.
  4. On the opened Quiz panel, select Create Quiz.



3) During course creation.

To create a new quiz during course creation, follow the steps:

  1. In the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > Create Training.
  2. On the Create Training panel, navigate to the Content section.
  3. From the Add Learning Item drop-down menu, select Quiz.
  4. On the opened Quiz panel, select Create Quiz.

You will see the notification: "You are about to create a quiz. This will take you to a separate page and all unsaved changes will be lost. Click Save & Continue to save your changes and go to the quiz creation page."

Actions available from this notification are:

  • Save & Continue to save the changes of the training creation and continue with creating a quiz.

You will be redirected to the Create Quiz page, and the course you were creating is now created and fully functional. You will not be redirected to the Create Quiz page and will see a warning if the required fields from the Basic Details section aren't filled in.

When you complete quiz creation, you will be automatically redirected to the Content section of the course you were creating and adding this quiz to. The created quiz will appear automatically in the list of the added learning items under the Content section of this course. The course will be open in the edit mode.

  • Discard & Continue to discard creating a course and continue creating a quiz.

You will be redirected to the Create Quiz page, and the course you were creating is not saved and created.

  • Cancel to discard creating a quiz and continue creating a course.



In all the mentioned above scenarios, from all the starting points you will navigate to the Create Quiz page to complete quiz creation.

The Create Quiz page includes the sections to fill in that are described below.



Quiz Details

Provide the basic information on the quiz in the Quiz Details section.

Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.



  • Title -  Give your quiz a title. It is possible to create quizzes with identical titles.
  • Description - Give a detailed description of the quiz. You can expand/collapse the field.
  • Quiz Passing Score % - Set the passing score percentage for the quiz. The value can be set from 0% to 100%.
  • Max Attempts - Give your learners a specific maximum number of attempts to pass the quiz. The default value is 1 attempt. The blank field means unlimited number of attempts.
  • Show Score During Quiz - Enable this option by dragging On to display the score for learners while they are taking the quiz.


  • Allow Navigation - Enable this option by dragging On to allow learners to navigate between questions.


When Allow Navigation is enabled:

  • Show Score During Quiz automatically becomes disabled, so learners don’t change their answers during the quiz in order to change their score.
  • The learners don't see the feedback upon submission of the answers.
  • The Submit button is available at the bottom right corner of the page, so learners can submit their answers.



When Allow Navigation is disabled:

  • The learner will see a positive/semi-positive/negative feedback after submission of the relevant answer. The custom feedback along with the default one is available to the learner if the admin provided the custom answer while question creation or edit.


  • The Show Score During Quiz is enabled, so learners can see the number of correct answers in the quiz.


  • Randomize - Enable this option by dragging On to randomize questions during multiple quiz attempts.
  • Show Score on Completion -  Enable this option by dragging On to display score on the quiz result page.


  • Show Points for Question - Enable this option by dragging On to display points for each question while the learner is taking the quiz.


  • Allow Review - Enable this option by dragging On to let learners review their answers upon quiz completion (by default the option is disabled).



When enabled, please select an option for How to Show Answers to set how learners see their answers in review mode.




  • Do not show any answers - Learners see if the question was answered or not and the submitted answer.
  • Show whether answers are correct or not - Learners see their submitted answers as well as its status: correct, incorrect, or not answered.
  • Show correct answers - Learners well see both the submitted and correct answers.


Sharing Options

In the Sharing Options section, you configure in which courses the quiz can be employed. You can select between two Shared to options from the drop-down menu.




Shared to Courses - The quiz can be used by all courses it has been shared with. If Shared to Courses is selected, all admins of the selected courses as well as course catalog admins will be able to view, edit, and delete the quiz.

Shared to the Course Catalog - The quiz can be used in all courses in the current course catalog.

When Shared to Courses is selected, in the Choose Courses field, you can select courses from the drop-down list to share the quiz with.

If Shared to the Course Catalog is selected, all admins of all the courses as well as course catalog admins will be able to view, edit, and delete the quiz.




According to sharing settings, the newly created quiz will be available:

  • For all sites in a site collection if Shared to Course Catalog was selected.
  • For the course that was selected to use the quiz in if Shared to Courses was selected.

If your SharePoint site has several subsites, each of which are used as course catalogs, the quiz that was created in one of these course catalogs will be available for all these course catalogs.


To add the created quiz to the course, go to Quizzes page > select a quiz > click the Edit Quiz button on the Actions panel > Sharing Options > Share to Courses > select courses to share the quiz with.




All new quizzes that are added to the course will automatically be marked as required to complete the course. To change the completion option, navigate to the Course Management actions panel > Course Completion Settings > and define the learning items learners need to complete to complete the course.


If the course, that the quiz was shared to, is deleted, the quiz will still be visible for all course catalog administrators as well as for the user who created the quiz. The course administrator will be able to change sharing options to Shared to Course Catalog or select another course for sharing.



If the only course that the quiz was shared to was purged, the quiz will be automatically shared to the course catalog.


Timer options

The Timer options section allows you to set a time limit for how much time learners are allowed to take to complete a quiz.

Enable this option by dragging On to show a timer to learners while they are taking the quiz (disabled by default). When the timer is on, two additional parameters appear: Duration and Show Timer in Player.




In the Duration field, specify the time learners are allowed to pass the quiz and select seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks. Decide whether to show the timer to learners or not by enabling/disabling the Show Timer in Player toggle.


Publishing option

By default, the publishing option is On. This will publish the quiz when it is created.

By default, date and time depend on the course catalog’s site regional settings time zone. To see how to configure the course catalog time zone, read this guide.

The default Start Date is the the present date of the quiz creation. However, the time will be set to two hours later than time you have started the quiz creation.


Set up the start and end dates of when you want the quiz to be available to learners:

  • Start Date – Select date and time for the quiz to be published. 
  • End Date – Select date and time the quiz publishing is over.




Quiz Questions section

From this section, you can add quiz questions to the quiz in three ways:

  • Drag and drop a question type to the Quiz Editor section.
  • Add questions from question pools.
  • Add questions via Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) packages.




Drag and drop a question type

With the Quiz Questions tab selected, you can create and add new questions to the quiz by dragging a question type from the Quiz Questions section to the Quiz Editor. This will open up a quiz question builder form.

For the detailed information on how to create different types of quiz questions and fill in the quiz question form, navigate to this article.




Add questions from question pools

The LMS365 Question Pool is a repository of questions that can be used by all quizzes.

To add a question from the Question Pool, follow the steps:

1) In the Quiz Questions section, select the Question Pools tab.

In the Title column, available question pools are listed. You can use the filters near each column to narrow your search.

2) Select the question pool from which you would like to add the question(s) to the quiz.




3) Drag and drop a question pool to the Quiz Editor. The Questions from Question Pool form will open.

4) Select Type: Fixed or Random.

If the Fixed type is selected, you can manually choose questions from the pool that will be added to the quiz by selecting the checkbox next to the question’s title (to select all, check the box near the Question Title column).

Use filters on any column (Question Title, Points, Tags) to search for questions.





If a quiz has already been created with some Fixed Question Pool questions type, all the further changes made in this Question Pool will not affect the existing quiz. If you choose Random type in the Question Pool questions type, all the further made changes will be applied to all existed quizzes.


If the Random type is selected, random questions will be added from this question pool to the quiz and no manual selection is available. In this case learners will be presented to a specified number of randomly chosen questions from the question pool. This will result in two different learners getting different questions in the same quiz, and that learners will not see the same questions if they retake the same quiz.




5) The Total Questions field is available only when the Random type is selected.

Specify the number of questions from the pool the learner will get as part of the quiz.

You can limit the scope of which questions in the pool to be selected for the quiz by setting requirements via Points and/or Tags as described below.




6) In the Points fields, set the value for the minimum and/or maximum points of the questions. Only questions with the set value points will be selected for the quiz.

7) The Tags field works as a filter for which questions in the question pool that can be selected - both manually and randomly. Enter tags that the questions need to have. To include all questions with any of the relevant tags, select Include Any. To only include questions that have all the listed tags, choose Include All.



8) Select Save to add the selected questions to the quiz. Select Cancel to cancel adding questions from the question pool. Select Reset All to reset the selection.


After the questions from the question pool are selected and added, you can go the the Quiz Editor and reorder questions, edit, or delete them.

When the Fixed type of import is used, you can edit and delete the question from the Quiz Editor. The changes will not affect the question pool.

When the Random type is used, the questions are not shown in the Quiz Editor as separate questions, but as a group of questions (with the number of questions inside displayed in brackets next to the question pool’s name). In this case the Edit button will open the Questions from Question Pool page. Here, you can not edit the individual questions, but only adjust your settings on the Questions from Question Pool page. The Delete button will delete the entire group of questions. The changes will not affect the question pool.


Add question via QTI packages

By selecting the QTI Import button, you can import the following types of questions from Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) packages: multiple choice, multiple answers, true or false, ordering, matching, hot spot, gap fill, short answer, free text answer.


LMS365 only supports QTI packages with XML version 2.2. We strongly recommend you to employ the Mozilla Firefox browser for importing QTI packages with questions that include mathematical expressions.



To add questions from a QTI package to a quiz, do the following:

  • Select a package to be uploaded from your local computer. If you select an unsupported type of package, a validation message will appear.


  • After importing, questions (with all the parameters – title, description, answers, points) will be added to the Quiz Editor section.


  • Edit, delete, or reorder imported questions if needed and continue with the creating/editing process.


If some questions can't be imported (e.g. their type is not supported), you will see a message that can be expanded to show all questions that were not imported.



Quiz Editor

In the Quiz Editor, you can add, edit, and organize the questions you want to include in the quiz.


  • Add questions from the Quiz Questions section by dragging and dropping them to the Quiz Editor and include them in the quiz.
  • Reorder the questions inside the quiz by drag-and-drop 10-35.png
  • Edit questions with the Edit 10-17.pngbutton.
  • Delete questions with the Delete 10-19.pngbutton.


Create button

When all the necessary fields are filled in, click the Create button at the bottom left corner to finish the quiz building.




If a required field is empty, the quiz will not be created and you will see the notification 'The field is required'.

If you click the Return to Quizzes button before the quiz creation is finished and saved, the system will warn you that data you have entered may not be saved. Proceed with OK or discard with Cancel.




When the quiz is created, you will be directed to the Quizzes panel, where the newly created quiz will be listed in the Name column.


Managing quizzes

For detailed information on how to edit, delete quizzes, view learners' progress on quizzes or question statistics, and manage quizzes in courses, follow this link.


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