LMS365 course catalog notifications: overview and management


LMS365 includes a large selection of notifications that are automatically sent to users via email, Microsoft Teams notifications (if enabled by the individual user), and as push notifications in the mobile app.

The notifications cover training and compliance flows such as confirming enrollment, reminding of an expired certificate, prompting learners to sign up for a session in a course, sending calendar invitations, etc. The course catalog admin can customize these notifications and control which of them that will be sent. 

This guide provides an overview of the LMS365 notifications functionality and how it can be managed: Where admins can manage notifications, how to enable LMS365 to send email notifications, overview of the Notifications page, notification types and templates, how to enable/disable templates, and how to edit and reset notification templates.


Where to manage course catalog notifications

Required role: Course catalog admin.

Notifications are managed on a course catalog level.

Course catalog admins can find Notifications settings for the course catalog in question under Catalog Settings > Notifications in the LMS365 Admin Center.




Notifications which are sent to admins to alert them about the expiring LMS365 license and exceeding number of users are managed on the License Information page by the LMS admin, Microsoft 365 global admin, or SharePoint admin.  


Enabling LMS365 to send notifications

To enable LMS365 notifications for a course catalog, the course catalog admin must configure the Microsoft 365 Connection Settings of the course catalog.

See this guide for instructions on how this is done.


Notifications page overview

The Notifications page in the LMS365 Admin Center provides the list of all available notification templates and lots of filtering and sorting options. By default, all notification templates are enabled.


You can see the following columns (columns are clickable and can be used for sorting as well):



Name – displays the name of the template.

Enabled – displays whether notifications are enabled, and hereby will be sent to users.

Template – displays whether notifications are default or edited (customized).

Recipients – displays the recipients of each notification.

Type – displays whether the notification is of a type that will be delivered as an email, a notification in Microsoft Teams, as a scheduled appointment, or in the mobile app alone.

Relates To – displays whether the notification is related to a course, training plan, or course catalog.


To find the relevant template, you can use the Search field.

You can also filter the notifications:

  • By statuses (All Statuses, Enabled, or Disabled).

  • By template (All Templates, Default, or Custom).

  • By recipients (All Recipients, By Role, or By User).

  • By notification type (All Types, Email, Email & Teams, Appointment, or Mobile).

  • By the application area notifications relate to (All Relates To, Course, Training Plan or Course Catalog)


Notification types and templates

Different events and course types in LMS365 have dedicated templates. Please see the following articles, to get details on the notifications related to the different course types, training plans, certificates and skills, and LMS365 licenses: 


How to enable/disable notification templates

Course catalog admins can control what notifications that will be sent by enabling/disabling them.

To enable or disable a specific notification:

  1. Please go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Catalog Settings > Notifications.
  2. Select the relevant notification template(s) and in the Actions panel, either select Disable Notification to ensure this/these notifications will not be sent, or Enable Notification to reactivate one or more disabled notifications.

When notifications are enabled, the value under the Enabled column on the Notifications page will be Yes and the Disable Notification action will be available from the Actions panel.


When notifications are disabled, the value under the Enabled column on the Notifications page will be No and the Enable Notification action will be available from the Actions panel.



Enabling/disabling notification templates wont change the content of the template fields. Therefore, templates will not be registered as customized with this action.


How to edit notification templates

LMS365 allows course catalog admins to control recipients and the content of specific notification. Please see this guide for instructions on how to edit and customize notifications.


Notifications' language

The language of course catalog notifications depends on the Locale settings of the training. Please see this article for information on how the language of notifications is configured



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