Understanding the learner's completion status in the "Course/Training Plan Progress" dashboard


Each course may consist of several learning items for learners to complete step by step in a personal pace, ensuring progress.

The course administrator can track learner’s completion status on each step of the training progress and see which learning items are completed, failed, or not started. This guide gives information on where to view the completion status of a particular learner on a particular training, learner's progress page overview and explanation of statuses.


Where to view

To view learner’s completion status in course progress report, follow the steps:

1) Go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > Select the course.

  • Near the selected course, click the Course Progress icon 6-14.png.
  • On the Course Management panel of the selected course, select the Course Progress action link.



You will land on the course/training plan Progress dashboard.



Course Progress page overview

The Course Progress page gives a detailed information on the learners' progress enrolled into this particular course.

Click the expand button of the Summary of Progress for Selected Course to expand or collapse the information.

On the course progress page, you can view learner’s completion status under the Status column next to the learners' names.




To see more training progress details on a particular learner, click the expand icon near the name.




Completion Statuses explanation

Learner’s Completion Statutes are: Completed, Not Started, and In Progress.


Completed - Attendance percentage and learning items progress correspond to course completion settings, meaning all learning items required for course completion are successfully completed by the learner. If the course completion status is set manually, the status will be completed. 



Course with the Completed status may include the learning items with Not Started and In Progress statuses if these items are not marked as required mceclip0.png in any Course Completion Set thus not affecting the course completion process.




If there is more than one completion set, the required for completion icon mceclip1.png on the Course Progress page will depend on the learner's progress for the required items. For example, there are 2 sets: Set 1 with the required items A and B and Set 2 with the required items C and D. Let the learner's progress for required items for the Set 1 be 50 %, for the Set 2 - 70%. As the progress for the set 2 (70%) is higher than that for the Set 1 (50 %), the required for completion sign will be shown next to the required items from the Set 2. Once the learner's progress for the required items changes, the sign will be changed accordingly.


Not Started - This status is set when attendance isn’t registered or is registered as Absent/Absent (informed) and there is no progress in the learning items (if there are any).

In Progress -  This status shows, that attendance is registered (excluding Absent/Absent (informed) or a learning item is in progress: the learner has started a course and hasn’t successfully completed all its required learning items. Learner may have one or more learning items completed, other items may not be started yet or learning items can have a Failed status.




When all learning items in the course are Failed, the learner’s completion status remains In Progress until completed successfully. In case, all attempts to complete learning items are failed, it is necessary for admins to reset learner's progress manually.



Please see this article on creating and managing completion sets for more details on how to control which part of a course that is required for the learner to complete in order for the status to change to completed. 

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