External apps integrated in LMS365: add, manage and delete external content and tools


LMS365 is Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v.1.0/1.1 compliant. This means that you can integrate external apps that support the LTI standard into your LMS365 solution. In this way, LMS365 can host course content and tools provided by external parties, and you can include, for example, LTI-compliant audio, video, and interactive learning exercises from third parties seamlessly into your courses.

This guide describes where course and course catalog admins can manage external apps, how to add new external apps to courses, and how to manage external apps that have already been added to courses. 


Where to manage external apps

External apps managements is available from the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > select a relevant course > Course Management panel > Manage Course Content.



You will be redirected to the Content section of the training editing panel where you can see and manage the course content. 


It is also possible to get to the Content section by selecting Edit Course, Manage Course Settings, or Manage People on the Course Management panel and then navigating to the Content section.


Add an external app to a course

An external app can be added to a course from the Content section of the relevant course when creating or editing the course in question. In the drop-down menu of + Add Learning Item, select External App. 





In the opened Add External App panel, fill in the fields. Fields with an asterisk are required.



  • Name – Specify the name of the external app that will be displayed on the learning modules web part.
  • Description – Specify the description of the external app that will be displayed on the learning modules web part.
  • Consumer Key and Secret – Specify credentials for accessing the external app inside the LMS (provided by the external app).
  • Privacy – Select what type of information about the learner that will be sent to the external app when the learner starts the attempt:

Anonymous – No information will be sent.

Email Only – The learner’s email will be sent.

Name Only – The learner’s name will be sent.

Public The learner’s name and email will be sent.

  • Configuration Type – Select how you would like to configure the external app:

Manual Entry – Configure the external app manually:

  1. Launch URL – Specify an entry point URL. We strongly recommend you to use HTTPS based URLs.
  2. Custom Fields – Specify custom fields if any are required by the external app.

Paste XML – Enter XML code in the XML Configuration field. Required parameters will automatically be parsed by the system.

  • Open this Tool in a new Tab – Select this option to open the external app in a new browser tab.

After selecting Save, the external app will be added to the course.


Manage external apps

Select the external app if you want to edit, delete, or hide the external app, as well as to view the details of learners' progress with the external app.



View Learners' Details

The View Learner's Details action allows you to view the progress and the details on the selected external app of the enrolled in the course learners.



To view the learner's details on the external app of the unenrolled learners, admin must re-enroll them in the course.


To View Learners' Details of the enrolled in the course learners:

1) In the LMS365 Admin Center, select the course. The Course Management panel opens.

2) On the Course Management panel, select Manage Course Content to open the course editing panel.

3) In the Content section, select the relevant external app to open its Actions panel.

4) On the Actions panel, select View Learners' Details. The View Learners’ Details page will open.




The following information can be found on the page:

Name – Displays the name of learners enrolled in to the course with the external app.

Status – Displays the status of learners' progress with the external app. The status can be either Not Started- for the not started attempt, or Completed - if learner has started the attempt, but not completed, as well as for the completed attempt. Currently, each learner's attempt with external apps in LMS365 is stated as Completed as soon as it was started. The number of attempts is not specified.

If a learner closes the LMS365 Player while taking the external app in the course, this user will not be able to make an attempt to take the external app again unless the admin deletes the previous attempt.


Completion Date – Displays the date and time of when the external app has been completed.

The Delete action – The crossed icon near the completion date means the admin can delete the attempts of a learner by clicking this icon. In the confirmation dialogue, admin selects All Attempts or Last Attempt to delete. It is possible to delete only the completed external apps attempts.



Confirm the deletion to reset the progress of a learner.

To close the View Learners' Details page, select Return to Manage Course Content.


Information from the View Learners' Details page can be exported to an Excel file by selecting Export.



The information will be presented in the following form:



Learner's Name – Shows the name of each learner.

Status – Shows the completion status of each learner.

  1. Not Started – The learner is enrolled in, but has not started the external app.
  2. Completed – The learner has completed the external app.

Date Completed – Shows the date of when the learner completed the external app.

Time completed – Shows the time of when the external app was completed by the learner.


To edit an external app:

1) Select the relevant external app from the list of the learning items.

2) From the opened Actions menu, select Edit External App and make the necessary changes to the item.

3) Select Save to save your changes.




To hide an external app:

1) Select the relevant external app from the list.

2) From the opened Actions menu, select Hide External App.

3) A confirmation message will notify that the item will no longer be visible or available for learners on the course home page or in the syllabus in the course player.



If an external app is hidden, you will see the Make External App Visible option in the Actions panel instead.



To delete an external app:

1) Select the relevant external app from the list.

2) From the opened Actions menu, select Delete External App.

3) Confirm the deletion or select Cancel to discard.


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