Course Completion Sets: creating and managing


LMS365 enables you to specify requirements for training completionthis is done via Course Completion sets. A Course Completion set consists of the learning items that learners are required to complete to complete the course and, for example, acquire certificates and/or competencies, if these are granted for the course in question.

In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of the Course Completion set functionality, where to define sets and items for course completion, how to mark a set as default, how to create a new course completion set, edit or delete existing sets, and what nuances that needs to be taken into account when working with course completion sets.


How Course Completion Sets work

Courses can have one or more Course Completion Setsthe default set and custom set(s).

Upon course creation, the system automatically sets up a default Course Completion Set that can be edited and renamed. Every learning item that is added to the course will be added to the default Course Completion Set. By default, items added to this set are marked as required to complete the course, but you can edit or delete these items and unmark items as required.

LMS365 allows you to create as many completion sets as needed. This enables you to allow learners to complete a course in different ways.

For each Course Completion Set, you can select items you want users to complete. In the Course Completion Sets in a course these items can be the same to some extend or completely different. So the Course Completion Set option allows you to create different variants of requirements for completion of the course, depending on your goals. Perhaps, you offer a course that includes a video as well as a text version of the same training content, and you want the learners to have completed the course even if they have just completed one of these items. In this case, you can set up two completion sets—one Course Completion Set only has the video as a required item, the other Course Completion Set only has the text as a required item. Completing either the text or the video will the make the learner complete the course.


Where to manage Course Completion Sets

Course Completion Sets can be managed by admins in the LMS365 Admin Center > Training Management > select a course > from the Course Management panel, select Course Completion Settings.



You will be presented to the Course Completion Settings panel where you can see all completion sets of the course with the learning items they consist of by collapsing/expanding the set.



  • Name - Shows the title of the Course Completion Set.
  • Type -  Shows whether the Course Completion Set is the default set and, also, shows the type of the learning items the set consists of (Content Package, Quiz, Learning Module, attendance registration).



  • Items - Shows the number of learning items the Course Completion Set consists of.


The course will be marked as completed the moment learners pass the last of the items that are marked as required from any of the Course Completion Sets. So please be aware that in case you want users to complete a specific set, all other sets that does not include the same required items should be deleted. Otherwise, any of these sets can let the learner complete the training.

For example, if you have three sets: 1st set with a video and a quiz and you want learners to complete these required items, 2nd set with a video, and the 3rd set only with a quiz. In this case, learners who are done with any of the items will successfully complete the course because there are completion sets that allow the learner to complete the training with completion of only the video or quiz. So you need to delete the sets that does not match your goal.

Learning items marked as required will have a star symbol mceclip0.png  next to it on the Course Progress page (can be opened on the Course Management panel).



Once there is more than one completion set, the required for completion sign mceclip1.png on the Course Progress page will depend on the learner's progress for the required items. 

For example, if there are two sets: Set 1 with the required items A and B and set 2 with the required items C and D. Let the learner's progress for required items for set 1 be 50%, for set 2 - 70%. As the progress for set 2 (70%) is higher than the progress for set 1 (50%), the required for completion sign will be shown next to the required items from set 2

Once the learner's progress for the required items changes, the sign will be changed accordingly.


How to create a new Course Completion Set

To create a new Course Completion Set, do the following:

1) Select Add a Course Completion Set.

2) Fill in the opened form and choose the items required to complete the course.



Name - The title of the set.

Default Course Completion Set - Allows you to mark the set as the default set for the course completion. The course can have only one set with the default status.




Once the set is marked as default and it is the only one set in the course, you can't switch this option off. However, you can create and mark another set as default by switching the toggle on.


Learning Items - Shows all the items that are currently in the course. Select the items which you want to be required to complete the course.



Selected -  Shows only the items that are marked as required for completion.

Name - Shows the name of the learning items.

Type - Displays the type of the items.

Required result ≥ - Allows you to define the minimum attendance percentage or required passing score for Assignments/Gradebooks to complete the course if needed. 

Published - Shows whether the item is available for learners.

3) Select Save to save the set or Cancel to go back to the Course Completion Settings page.


How to change the default set

The course can have only one set marked as the default set. When you decide to mark another set as default, the previous default set will automatically loose this status.

To change the default set, select a Course Completion Set > select Edit Course Completion Set and toggle on the Default Course Completion Set option. 


Once the set is marked as default and it is the only set in the course, you can't switch this option off. However, you can create a new set and mark this as default.


How to edit a set

To edit a completion set, select it and in the Actions panel, select Edit Course Completion Set.



Make the relevant changes and select Save to save them or Cancel to discard. You will see a confirmation message notifying that the unsaved changes will be lost.



Select Ok to leave the page and loose unsaved changes (if there are any) or Cancel to go back to the set editing panel. 


Changes in Course Completion Settings will not affect the status of the already completed courses.


How to delete a set

To delete a set, do the following:

  • Select the relevant set.
  • From the Actions panel, select the Delete Course Completion Set.


A confirmation message will let you confirm that you want to delete this set (the action can't be undone) or Cancel the action.




  • If you have more than one set, you can delete all sets except the default. 
  • Learners will not be able to complete the course if no learning items from any course completion set of the course is set to be required to complete the course.


Searching and filtering options

To find a specific completion set or to filter them, you can sort completion sets by the Name and Item columns, or use the search field.




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