My LMS365 license has expired, what will happen now and how do I renew?

In this article we will describe what will happen when your license has expired and how you can renew your license if you would like to continue with your subscription of LMS365.


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What will happen when my license expires?

If your license has expired, you have a period of 14 days to handle the license issue. During this period, the system will still work. As an administrator, you will see a warning in the LMS365 Admin Center advising you of the expiring license:



If the license is not extended after the 14 days' grace period, the system will stop working and learners will see the following notification:




After your LMS365 license has expired, you have 60 days to renew it without a need to re-provision your Microsoft 365 tenant. After these 60 days, we remove your tenant records from the license database and after that, your data cannot be recovered.

If you try to use LMS365 afterward, you will get the following error message in every app: "Oops, something went wrong :( Tenant not found":




You can set up notifications to alert selected administrators with email notifications before and after your LMS365 license expires. In this way, you can be on top of the LMS365 license expiration.


How do I renew my license?

If you would like to renew a license which is about to expire or has already expired, please contact the License Management Team or your Customer Success manager.



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