Maximum number of users are reached or exceeded, what will happen now and what to do?


With the LMS365 subscription, you have a certain plan where the limit of users is specified. 

If a user has been enrolled in a course, this user accounts in the subscription plan. This means that if more users, than the number specified in the subscription plan, are enrolled in a course, you'll exceed the permitted number of users within your subscription.

In this article, we describe what will happen when your maximum number of users are exceeded and how you can increase your subscription.


In this article:


What will happen when my maximum number of users are exceeded?

If the number of users within your subscription is exceeded, you have a period of 14 days to handle the issue. During this period, the system will still work. As an admin, you will see a warning in the LMS365 Admin Center advising you of the exceeding users.


If the issue isn't handled, after the 14 days' grace period, the system will stop working and learners will see the notification: "Oops, something went wrong. Please contact your LMS administrator for further information."


You can set up notifications to alert selected admins with email notifications when a set percentage of maximum number of users is reached. In this way, you can be on top of the LMS365 subscription usage.


How do I tackle this issue

  • If this situation has arisen because you need more users within your LMS365 subscription, please reach out to your designated Business Manager or the LMS365 Subscription Management Team at


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