Creating and managing learning modules with the Learning Module Builder


This article provides you with an overview of how to build, manage, edit, and delete learning modules using the LMS365 Learning Module Builder.

See where and how to create a new learning module, what types of files that can be part of a learning module, and how to manage learning module content. 

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Introduction to the Learning Module Builder and learning modules

LMS365 Learning Modules allows you to include documents, videos, SCORM/AICC packages, and other content in courses and organize this content in a selection of learning modules that will divide the training into sequenced learning steps.

The modules will be a part of a course and will appear on the course home page where the learner can get an overview of learning modules in a course and access the learning content within them.



The LMS365 Learning Module Builder is a tool that allows you to create these learning modules and manage the content within them.


Creating Learning Modules

To create a new learning module do the following:

1) In the LMS365 Admin Center > Course List > select the relevant course and on the Course Management panel:

  • go to the Manage Couse Content to be redirected directly to the course Content section.



  • go to the Edit Course to be redirected to the Basic Details section and then navigate to the Content section of the editing panel.


  • go to the Manage Course Settings to be redirected to the Settings section and then navigate to the Content section of the editing panel.



In all of these cases, the course editing panel will open.




In the Content section, you can view and manage all current learning items of the course as well as you can add or create new.


2)  To add a new learning module to a course, select Add Learning Item and then Create Learning Module.


  The Create Learning Module option is only available for courses that are created. Until the course is created, the option will be inactive. To enable the option, simply create the course.




The Create Learning Module page will open. Fill in the fields and add content items to the learning module by dragging and dropping them from the box to the left to the Learning Module Editor to the right.




Title and description

Title: Enter the name of the learning module.

Description: Enter a description of the learning module. The description will be displayed to learners when they start the learning module to engage with the learning.




Publishing status and dates



Published - When the learning module is published, it's available for learners. You will see Yes if the learning module is published in the Published column and No if it isn't.




Start Date - Select the date and time the learning module will be published and available for learners.

End Date - Select the date and time for when the learning module will be unpublished and unavailable for learners.


Adding content to learning modules

Select the type of content to be added to the learning module and drag it to the Learning Module Editor in the box at the right side of the page.

When you drag an item to the Learning Module Editor, it's removed from the list of documents. You can drag it back or select the Delete icon to return it. This will not delete the document from the library, but only remove it from the editor field. If you delete an embedded video from the Learning Module Editor, it will be removed and is not stored.

Use drag and drop to reorder the list of added items.




When you are done creating or editing the learning module, select Save to save your changes or Cancel to discard them.





How to reorder learning modules

You can reorder the list of learning items by drag and drop.




Editing learning modules

To edit a learning module, please follow the steps below:

In the LMS365 Admin Center under Course Management > select Course List > select the relevant  course and then Manage Course Content > choose the learning module you want to edit and, from the Actions panel, select Edit Learning Module.


Edit the value in the relevant fields to change the title and description of the learning module and/or change the Published settings to change whether and/or when the module will be available for learners.


Press Save to save your changes.

Editing content items in the Learning Module Editor

You can edit all content of a learning module.

To edit content items of a learning module: Edit the learning module > from the Learning Module Editor you can:

  • Reorder the items by drag and drop.
  • Edit some of the existing learning items can directly inside the Learning Module Editor via the Edit icon. Other items can only be deleted via the Learning Module Editor.



To add new learning items to the learning module, drag and drop the items to the Learning Module Editor

Please save the changes or cancel if you wish to discard your edits.




Hiding learning modules

To hide a learning module:

From the Content section of the course edit panel, select the relevant learning module > and from the Actions panel, select Hide Learning Module.



A confirmation message will notify that the learning item will no longer be visible or available for learners on the course home page or in the course syllabus.



If a hidden item is required to progress or complete the course, learners are unable to progress or complete the course.


Hidden learning modules will have the Make Learning Module Visible option available in the Actions panel.




Deleting learning modules

You can delete a learning module via the LMS365 Admin Center > Course List > select relevant course > Manage Course Content > select the relevant learning module and from the Actions panel, choose Delete Learning Module.





Deleting a learning module can't be undone.


A confirmation message will notify that you are going to delete a learning module. Select Delete to confirm the action or Cancel to discard.




Viewing and deleting a learner's progress in a learning module

To view and delete a learner’s progress for a particular learning module, from the Content section, select  the relevant learning module > select the relevant learner > and then select View Learner's Progress or Delete Learner's Progress.





NOTE: The View Learner’s Progress and Delete Learner’s Progress actions will be disabled for learners with a status of Not Started.




The View Learner’s Progress action opens a panel where the learner's progress with each learning item inside the learning module is shown.




The Delete Learner’s Progress action opens a confirmation message that requires you to confirm the deletion of the progress. The deletion can't be undone.




After the learner's last attempt has been deleted, the learner's status changes to Not Started.


Learning Module Builder language

The language of the Learning Module Builder can be set and customized in LMS365 Global Settings > Language Files. Please find details of this process here. 


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