Configuring the LMS365 Course Catalog page


When a new course catalog is created, a site collection with three pages are generated:

These pages are all created with LMS365 web parts that feature LMS365 content.



NOTE: For course catalogs with a modern view, we highly recommend to only add one LMS365 web part on a page. Adding several web parts on the same page can result in malfunction and an authentication error.



For the course catalog page, the LMS365 Course Catalog web part will feature the selection of courses and training plans in the current course catalog plus a filter that enables users to employ filters when searching for courses and training plans.

You can configure this web part to adjust the view and filtering of courses and training plans in the catalog.

In this article, we will cover the web part settings and how they affect the featuring of courses and training plans in the course catalog.





Configuring the LMS365 Course Catalog web part

To customize the LMS365 Course Catalog web part, go to the Course Catalog Settings by selecting the settings icon (settings_icon.png)  under the banner image, in the right corner of the of the Course Catalog page.




Catalog Content Editor

Under the Catalog Content Editor, you configure the view and behavior of the list of courses and training plans.

The following settings are available:

Title - Edit or create a title for the web part. This title will be placed above the display of courses:



Description - Here, you can create or change the description of your course catalog using a rich-text editor. The description is featured right under the title.



Course Sort Order - Here, you can configure the ordering of courses (Newest Courses First,
Oldest Courses First, Alphabetically (A-Z), Alphabetically (Z-A), and Highest Ranked Courses options are available).



NOTE: Learners can employ the "Arrange by" filter to sort courses. This setting, however, will only be applied for the current view. Next time the learner visits the course catalog, the sorting will go back to the default set by the administrator.




Selector Switch - Enable or disable the possibility for users to switch between card and list view of courses.

Card/List View - Select whether card view or list view will be the default view of courses in the Course Catalog. If the Selector Switch is disabled this will be the only view users see.

Detailed View - If this option is selected, the details callout will be opened by clicking the training card. If the option is not selected, users will be directed directly to the training home page by clicking the training card.

Number of Courses - Specify the number of courses displayed in the Course Catalog. The default value is set to 18. Maximum number of courses is 50, minimum value is 1.

Highest Ranked Courses - Specify whether to display highest ranked courses (based on their ratings).

Number of Ranked Courses - Set the number of courses to display in the Highest Ranked Courses section. The default value is set to 6. Maximum number of highest ranked courses can be set to 50. Minimum value is 1.



In the Filters section, you configure the view and behavior of the filters learners use to search for courses and training plans.

The following settings are available:

Show Filters - Choose whether to show filters to the left of the list of courses as a left-side menu. If this option is disabled, filters will not be shown statically on the left side. Instead, leaners will have a filtering icon available in the top right of the list of courses. Selecting this icon, the filtering options will appear.



Show Filters is disabled. Instead, learners select the filtering icon to bring forth the filtering options. 


Categories - Select Edit link next to the Categories to change the default settings. This will bring forth multiple options:

  • Category Options - (Left Navigation) > Display Categories - Configure whether categories will be shown as a filtering option by turning on/off this option.
  • Category Options - (Left Navigation) > Number of Categories to Show - Decide what categories that will be shown first in the category filtering options.
  • Category Options - (Course List) > Number of Categories to Show - Limit the selection of courses to be featured in the course catalog to courses of one to five certain categories. If this option is used, only courses with the selected categories will be featured in the course catalog. Learners can see the rest of the courses available to them by selecting Show more.
  • Category Options - (Browse Buttons) - Highlight up to five categories with buttons on top of the course list. Selecting a category, learners will only see courses of this category.



Display Count - If Display Count is enabled, a number to the left of categories will tell how many courses in the catalog that has this category.

Course Type - Under Course Type, you can select whether you wish to enable learners to filter courses based on their type - e-Learning, Classroom & Blended Training, Training Plan, and Webinar. If all course type filters are disabled, this filter will not be visible to learners. You can make some course types available as filters by enabling these, and employ drag and drop to rearrange the order in which the different course types are shown as filters.

Course Session(s) Dates - Enabling this option will enable learners to search for courses that have sessions that are held within a specific time range.


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