LMS Administrators


The LMS administrator role can be provided to several people in your organization.

People with the LMS administrator role will be able to manage global settings, add or remove LMS and course catalog administrators, create course catalogs if the LMS Administrator is assigned a SharePoint admin role as well, delete course catalogs, edit language files, manage global settings and configure the Settings section of My Training Dashboard.


LMS administrator will not have permissions to manage course catalogs until they are added as a course catalog administrator to the catalog in question.


In this guide, we will cover how you manage and message LMS administrators in LMS365.



Adding new LMS Administrator(s)


LMS administrators can only be added to LMS365 by another LMS administrator in LMS365 or by the Microsoft 365 global administrator. No one at LMS365 will have administrator access to your environment and, therefore, can't perform this action.

To add a new LMS Administrator:

1. From Global Settings, select LMS Administrators and click +Add LMS Administrator at the top of the page.




2. On the opened Add LMS Administrator sidebar, in the Select Users(s) field, select user(s) to assign the role. This field is required.

It is impossible to select the external users.

3. Select whether to notify the user(s) about assigning the new role or not by dragging the toggle On/Off.

4. Select Save to complete the action. Select Cancel to cancel the action.

If any of the selected users does not have a specified email, you will see a message notifying that these users will not receive the email message.

5. The added LMS administrators will be listed with on the LMS Administrators panel, where the emails, user(s) who assigned them the role, as the date and time of the role assignment is specified.



Sending email messages to the LMS Administrator(s)

To send a message to the LMS Administrator(s):

  1. Select the relevant user(s). To select all the users in the list, select the Name checkbox.
  2. Select the Send Email Message action.

  3. Enter Subject and Message.

  4. Click Send to send the email.


The Send Email Message action is available only for users with a specified email.


Unassigning LMS Administrator(s)


The unassigned user will lose the access to the Global Settings of LMS365.

To unassign an LMS Administrator:

  1. Select the relevant users.
  2. Select Unassign and confirm your action in the confirmation dialogue.



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