LMS365 Mobile App Configuration


The LMS365 mobile app allows training from everywhere from users' own mobile phones.

You can configure the LMS365 mobile app to match the branding and training needs of your organization. 

This guide will walk you through how you configure colors, menu, default Course Catalog, language, and other settings of your organization's LMS365 mobile app.


Where to configure the LMS365 mobile app?

To configure the mobile app, you need access to the Global Settings of the LMS365 Admin Center.

Go to the LMS365 Admin Center > Global Settings > Settings > Mobile Configuration.

From the Mobile Configuration Page, you can configure different settings of the LMS365 mobile app: Look and Feel, Default Language, Default Course Catalog, Information Page, Dashboard Menu, Help Page Link, Open Course in a Browser, Open web content in a Browser, and Data Loading Strategy.





NOTE: Please be aware that these configurations are displayed divided into two columns only for the full screen size mode web pages.



Look and Feel

In the Look and Feel section, you define the colors of the mobile app. Choose the main color, color for text, link, background, etc.





NOTE: In offline mode, the customization of colors is not fully supported. The main color will be changed to the default blue until the connection to the internet and server is restored.



Default Language

In the Default Language section, you can either select the default language of the app for all learners or select that the language of the user's device will determine the language of the app.

If you want your learners to use the device language, leave the selection as Device Language. If the LMS365 mobile app is not translated into the language of the device, it will automatically be shown in English (United States).




Default Course Catalog

Under Default Course Catalog, you set the default Course Catalog for all learners. However, learners can choose another catalog from the app if available.




Information Page

Information Page allows you to add an information page to the app to show additional information. You can decide whether to show this information as a home page or not.




Dashboard Menu

Under Dashboard Menu, you select the menu items you would like to be displayed to users.





IMPORTANT: For users with the LMS365 app version 2.14.35 and above the Training tab will always be displayed regardless of the Dashboard Menu settings.



Help Page Link

Under Help Page Link, you set whether to show your own link to the Help Center.




Open Course in a Browser

Under Open Course in a Browser, you can allow learners to view courses in the browser of their mobile device.




Open web content in a Browser

Under Open web content in a Browser, you configure how to display web content on the mobile device.





NOTE: If the device is marked as Microsoft Intune compliant, it is recommended to open web content in a browser.



Data Loading Strategy

Under Data Loading Strategy, you can decide which strategy (Lazy or Burn) to apply when loading data in the LMS365 Mobile Application.








NOTE: Users need to sign out and in again to the LMS365 mobile app, before a change in the data strategy will have an affect on their LMS365 mobile app usage.



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