Known Limitations when using LMS365 via Microsoft Teams


LMS365 offers learners to learn and admins to create and manage training from the context of Microsoft Teams. Almost the full LMS365 is available in this context where many users work every day. 

However, there are still a few limitations to the use of LMS365 in Microsoft Teams. In this article, we will list these limitations.


Known Limitations

Currently there are the following areas where features differ between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams:

  • Chat tab search is limited to the first 100 course catalogs you have access to ordered by title. In the Catalog tab you can open a specific course catalog you are looking for.
  • The ability to add, edit, and manage assignments as well as go to the Gradebook from the My Assignment section on course home page are missing for course administrators in Microsoft Teams. 
  • The actions in the Assignments section on course home page is not available in Microsoft Teams.
  • Themes are not applied.
  • As learning in Microsoft Teams runs inside the LMS365 app for Microsoft Teams tab, the setting to open learning content, for example, content packages or external apps in "in New Window" is not done when taking training in Microsoft Teams.
  • The following links and buttons are opened in browser window:
  1. Help Center link in the bottom of the LMS365 Admin Center

  2. View Course Catalog button of the Actions panel when selecting a course catalog in the Course Catalog Management

  3. View Course/Training Plan button on the Course/Training Plan Management panel

  4. Go to Document Library link in the Documents box of the learning module creating/editing page as all documents, used in learning modules, are stored in a separate document library on the site of the course.



    Any of the added documents clicked from the Documents box during the learning module creation/editing will open a browser window as well. 

  5. View Learners' Attempt button on the Actions panel when selecting a content package > View Learners' Details > selecting a learner with In Progress or Completed status.

  6. View Content Package button on the Actions panel of any content package added to a course.



  • The following links and buttons are disabled for LMS365 in Microsoft Teams:
  1. It is possible to upload new documents but not to create new when using LMS365 via Microsoft Teams - the +new button is disabled.




  2. Connecting an email account in the Notifications > Microsoft 365 Connection Settings cannot be done via Microsoft Teams. An email account is used for email delivery and booking Office 365 rooms and Admin should configure it via browser window. 


  3. Purge Learners Records button that allows to remove all information and records of actions of the person in the course catalog is disabled in Microsoft Teams.



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