Enable LMS365 notifications in Microsoft Teams


Users can decide whether they want to receive their direct notifications about training directly in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams. Direct notifications are those where the user is the primary recipient (in the email notification, the user's name is in the To field). This option is switched off by default. 

This article describes how users can choose whether they want to receive LMS365 notifications in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams and how these notifications are delivered.


Activate notifications

Users can activate notifications delivery in Microsoft Teams from both the LMS365 web application and the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams.

To enable direct notifications delivery in Microsoft Teams:

1. Go to My Training Dashboard and select Personal Preferences from the left-side menu. The Personal Preferences panel opens.

2. On the Personal Preferences panel, configure the Enable Notifications in Microsoft Teams toggle:

  • Toggle it On to receive your direct notifications in Microsoft Teams.
  • Toggle if Off to stop receiving direct notifications in Microsoft Teams.



The catalog admin still controls which notifications are sent for a catalog. Email notifications aren't affected by the enabling or disabling of notifications in Microsoft Teams.


3. Save to apply the changes.

The process of activating notifications in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams is the same as in LMS365 browser version.




Notifications delivery

When you enable direct LMS365 notifications to be received in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams, notifications are delivered in Microsoft Teams, whether they're triggered from an action in the LMS365 browser version or in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams.

LMS365 notifications in Teams can be delivered in 25 supported LMS365 languages.

All notifications are delivered by the LMS365 chatbot in the Chat tab of the LMS365 app in Teams, as well as in the Teams Activity feed.



The user needs to initiate their first dialogue with the LMS365 chatbot in Microsoft Teams to establish a reference point for the user. To do this, you can type hi to see the welcome card if it hasn't appeared automatically or select Hello from the LMS365 bot commands.



Depending on the type, notifications delivered in the LMS365 app in Teams can include the title of the training, an image, training type, description of the training, training ID, dates, session information, and links.

Find more information about LMS365 notifications in this section.




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