Enabling LMS365 notifications in Microsoft Teams


Learners can receive LMS365 notifications directly in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams. This article will guide you on how to enable this option and show you how the notifications will be delivered.


How notifications are enabled

Users can decide whether to receive their direct notifications about their training directly in Microsoft Teams (this option is off by default). Direct notifications are those where user is the primary recipient (in the email notification you will be in the To field).




Learners can activate notifications in Microsoft Teams both from the LMS365 web application and from the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams. To enable notifications in Microsoft Teams, go to My Training Dashboard - Personal Preferences.


  • The learner will need to initiate a dialogue with the LMS365 chatbot for the chatbot for the first time to have a reference on the user.
  • Catalog admin still controls which notifications will be sent for a catalog. Email notifications are not affected by enabling/disabling notifications in Microsoft Teams option.


Personal Preferences

In the Personal Preferences section, individual users can decide whether to receive direct notifications about their training directly in Microsoft Teams (off by default).

To do enable notifications:

1) Select Personal Preferences on My Training Dashboard.

2) On the opened Personal Preferences panel, drag the toggle On to enable Notifications in Microsoft Teams.

3) Select Save to save the changes.




Activating notifications via LMS365 Teams app has the same steps.





How notifications are delivered

After this option is activated, notifications will be delivered in Microsoft Teams whether they are triggered from an action in the LMS365 browser version or in the LMS365 app in Microsoft Teams.


All notifications will be delivered via the LMS365 bot as well as in the Teams Activity feed and include title, image, training type, training ID (except skill granted notifications), and description of the course or training plan:





Skill may be granted manually by the admin or granted after the learner completes the training. The way the skill is granted determines the information displayed on the notification card in Microsoft Teams:

  • Granted manually - only the skill's title, who granted the skill and date(s)


  • Granted by Training - title, training image, short description, training completion of which learner has been granted this skill or a new level of the skill, date(s) and link to the training



View Training button will redirect learners to the Learn tab.


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