Merge Accounts in LMS365 via API

LMS365 platform allows migration of learning progress from one user account to another via API. If a user has two or more accounts, it is possible to merge all data from the secondary (outdated) user to the primary (current) one.

NOTE: Accounts merge applicable to LMS365 data only.

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How to merge accounts

NOTE: The merge action cannot be undone.

To perform this action, you can use endpoint post /odata/v2/Users(‘{LoginName}’)/Merge in LMS365 API here

1) You need to get Login Names of both users using /odata/v2/Users method.




NOTE: If both users have similar Login Name, you need to get Directory Object ID.




2) Enter the data you’ve got to the method /odata/v2/Users('{LoginName}')/Merge in the following order: merge the data of user2 into user1. Enter Login Name or Directory Object ID as described below.




The endpoint is used to preserve the master data of user1 and the training records of both users. In the example above the data of user1 will be preserved and the training records data of user2 will be merged into user1.

The secondary account disappears from Learner list in the Admin Center but remains in the Azure. Thus, it will still be available in all people pickers in LMS365 interfaces. If you need to have the secondary user disappeared from all pickers, you should disable their account in Azure AD.



  • This method works both for external and deleted users.
  • Any merge action is impossible with Active Directory Groups.
  • If the secondary user was added to the Course within AD Group, the registration will be transferred, but the primary user will not gain any role.


Merge of roles

Users in LMS365 may have different roles: learner, instructor, course administrator etc.

If it is the case and users of the merging accounts have different roles, the primary account gains all of them. If learner and course admin roles in the same courses/training plans are coinciding, the primary account retains its own regardless of the role level.

The secondary account loses all roles, but there will be no changes in the SharePoint groups.


SharePoint Groups

If you need the secondary user to be removed from SharePoint groups, it should be done manually.


Courses and Training Plans: Enrollments, Progress, Certificates, Competencies etc.

A user can have only one registration to the definite course/training plan. It means that after the merge action the primary account retains its own registrations and gains those from the secondary account. All data connecting to these registrations transfer to the primary account.

If both accounts are enrolled to the same courses/training plans, registration of the secondary account transfers as expired, but all data will be available to observe from the primary account.



A user may have only one registration to a session. After migration, the primary account retains its own registrations on sessions and gains those from the secondary account.



While merging assignments, the primary account retains its own assignments and gains those from the secondary account. In case of coincided tasks the information and documents of the secondary account will be lost.


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