CEUs Section of My Training Dashboard

On the CEUs tab you can view your CEUs. To quickly find the desired information, choose the status (all, earned - CEUs that were already received after training completion or planned – CEUs that will be received after the training completion) or date range when the training was completed.



You will not see the Training that do not have CEUs in this list.

The CEUs section is divided into:

Training Name – displays the title of the course or training plan.

Status – displays the status. It can be earned CEUs that were already received after training completion, planned that will be received after training completion. You can see an overview of earned, *planned and total CEUs under the CEUs section.

Completion Date – displays the date when you completed the Training.

CEUs – displays number of CEUs earned.


To see the CEUs per each Course inside the Training Plan, click Expand:


According to the training, you can view, retake or unenroll from the training as well as see session details:


When you retake a course or a training plan you will see its duplicate with a Planned status and an explanation tooltip:


In case the number of CEUs for the course/training plan is changed you will see the difference in the duplicate course/training plan CEUs field with a tooltip:


After the retake completion the number of CEUs earned will be updated and the duplicate will be deleted.

The CEUs from the completed deleted training are displayed in CEUs tab as well, but it is impossible to access the training as their titles are not clickable:


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