How to contact support agents via the LMS365 Support live chat

In the LMS365 (Learn365) Help Center, you can contact LMS365 Support via the live chat in case you encounter issues related to LMS365 (Learn365). In this article, we describe the live chat functionality.



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How start a live chat with the Support team

You can start a live chat with LMS365 Support from any page in the LMS365 (Learn365) Help Center.

To start a live chat, follow the steps:

1. Enter the live chat via the Get help option. This is the same option you select to engage with the LMS365 Support answer bot.

Find complete instructions on how to ask questions via the LMS365 Support chatbot in this article.




2. In the opened LMS365 Support window, select Get in touch > Live chat. 




3. In the opened form, complete the relevant fields and select Start chat.




One of our support agents will help you with your enquiry as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the working hours of LMS365 Support.

In more complex scenarios, requests initiated via the LMS365 Support chat may evolve into a support ticket.


Support team working hours 

LMS365 Support provides support in the English language, Monday through Friday, 24/5.

We'll get back to you and resolve your request as soon as possible and within the agreement in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).


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