Managing categories on a course catalog level


Category is one or more words added to a course to improve the article search experience. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of where and how to manage categories: add a new one, edit an existing or remove a selected category from the training, or delete a category from the course catalog. To find more about how to set a category to a training, please follow to Creating Courses article.


Managing categories on a Course Catalog level

Categories are managed from the Settings section in the Administration back-end.





IMPORTANT: Only course catalog administrators can see such page and create, edit, delete or search the categories.



List of categories is displayed for the current course catalog.

You can see a list of already created categories and subcategories (click the expand button next to the Parent category to see a list of its subcategories).




And also by clicking the View button (an eye icon) you can see the list of courses/training plans that use this category.




In the opened list of courses/training plans that use this category.




Creating a new category

To create a new category:

  • Click the Add Category button at the top of the page;
  • In the left-side menu, enter the name of the category, select its parent category (it will be created as a subcategory) or select ‘Top Level’ if you want to create a parent category.


  • Click the Save button to create a category.


Editing a category

To edit a category:

  1. Select the needed one from the list.
  2. In the left-side menu make the necessary changes to the category. You can rename it or change its level (e.g. make it a subcategory).


    NOTE: You can not edit the level of a Top Level category that has subcategoties, only renaming is possible. To be able to edit the level of a Top Level category first change the level of its subcategoties into Top Level thus making them not subcategories, but categories.




  3. Click Save to save the changes.


Removing a category from a course/training plan

Categories are added to a course or training plan in the Basic Details section during training creation/editing and the Category field is not required to fill in. Follow the links above to find out how to remove category directly from the training on the course level.

You can remove one, several or even all categories from the training on the Course Catalog level as well - via LMS365 admin Center > Settings > Categories > select category > click the View button to see all the training the category is used in > click a red cross next to the training title which you want to remove the selected category from.




You will see a confirmation message.





Deleting a category from the course catalog

You can delete only categories that are not in use and do not have subcategories. Do the following steps:

  1. Select the category that you want to delete.
  2. In the left-side menu click the Delete Category button.


  3. Confirm the deletion.





  • Deletion of a category cannot be undone.
  • Any changes in categories will automatically be updated in the course catalog.


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